ROOKIE00        ONE AND A HALF ROOKIES: series summary

Twelve-year-old Katie, who comes from a family of cops, aspires
to follow in the footsteps of her dad and sister. She maneuvres
her sister, a rookie cop, into letting her into crime scenes and
solve crimes, giving her sister the credit.



Laura     22  Rookie cop        Ambitious
Katie     12  Laura's Sister    Genious, fearless
Chief     42  Dad,Police Chief  Macho,street smart
Mom       42  Socialite         Flighty,shallow
Snidely   50  Greedy Villain    Evil,smart

ROOKIE01  Katie's science fair project, the science of
          criminology, gets her involved in Laura's cases

ROOKIE02  Katie and Laura investigate a daring daylight robbery

ROOKIE03  Katie and Laura investigate a burglary at an art
          museum with state-of-the-art security

ROOKIE04  Katie and Laura investigate what looks like a robbery
          by insurance company or armored car company employees

ROOKIE05  What appears at first to be a terrorist attack is
          really a diversion for a huge jewelry heist

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