POCKET00        POCKET PEOPLE: cartoon series summary

Fifty years ago a small group of Pocket-sized aliens from outer
space sought refuge in a medium-sized American city. When the
city sought to cut costs, they enlisted the Pocket People to
replace the city's police force. But after fifty years, the
citizens of the city forgot just how good the Pocket People have
been at fighting crime.



Penny Pocket  96 Ageless alien    SWAT team leader
Punky Pocket  12 Penny's daughter 911 Dispatcher
Paul Pocket  110 Penny's brother  SWAT team member
Peter Pocket 112 Pocket spokesman SWAT team member

POCKET01 After banishing the Pocket Police from the city
         briefly, the city's crime rate soars, so the Mayor
         reinstates them to clean up the mess.

POCKET02 Investigating a truck hijacking and two burglaries in
         one morning uncovers a plot to rob a bank that evening.
         But all the Pocket Police have been reassigned to other
         duties, leaving Punky to go it alone.

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