MINI00          Mini-mysteries: cartoon series summary

Marvin Mouse, the world's smallest detective, challenges the
viewing audience to help him solve mysteries among the animals
in the city park using science and logic.

MINI01  Sweet liquids left behind in the park by humans are
        supposed to be reserved for the ants. But some Coka Cola
        was stolen by another animal in the park

MINI02  The eggs of a robin red breast were replace by smooth
        round stones

MINI03  The roses are dying even though they're getting plenty
        of water

MINI04  The kidnapping of three butterfly sisters

MINI05  More stolen robin's eggs, different thief

MINI06  Flower blossoms and spider webs are being destroyed

MINI07  Several berry trees in the park are being murdered
        on branch at a time

MINI08  Using a traveling magic show as a diversion, thieves
        steal the unguard food of several animals in the park

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