LIL00           LIL SHERLOCK series summary

An orphaned gymnast is adopted by a detective then uses her
athletic abilities to battle crime.


Lily    f 12  Orphan       Smart,Athletic 
Hollis  m 60  Detective    Stodgy,wise 
Junior  m 25  Hollis' son  Playboy
Tyler   m 13  Student      TV Star
Gwen    f 40  Tyler's mom  Loyal

LIL01    Tyler is kidnapped, Lily captures the kidnappers

LIL02    Lily captures a most-wanted serial bank robber

LIL03    Lily and Tyler capture a local serial burglar

LIL04    An aspiring actor sabotages the costumes of competitor,
         Lily foils the sabateur before it turns deadly

LIL05    A school employee robs lockers then frames Tyler,
         Lily captures the thief and a dealer of stolen goods

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