INVENT00        INVENTOR'S DAUGHTER series summary

An inventor's daughter discovers the "stealth soldier" devices
that her dad is perfecting for the US Army and she learns how to
use them so well that she becomes a secret agent.


Dad        40 Inventor     Smart, bookish
Michaela   12 Daughter     Bright, impulsive
Abernathy  50 Army Colonel Rigid, purposeful
Sarg       50 Army Sarg    Rough, tough
Smith      30 CIA Agent    Sly, secretive

INVENT01  Michaela uses five inventions to rescue her dad

INVENT02  Michaela uses a new stealth helmet to rescue Abernathy

INVENT03  A hunt for three escaped agents uncovers a bomb plot

INVENT04  Michaela uses a new miniature system in CIA undercover

INVENT05  Micheala follows an espionage suspect, assists arrest

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