DOOR00          DOOR TO ADVENTURE: series summary

Twelve-year-old Dorah is one of several "chosen ones" who fight
crime and make rescues without recognition or reward. Chosen
ones are transported to and from crime scenes and rescues
through a mysterious, personal portal called THE DOOR.


DORAH      12 Heroine         Adventurous
DORMAN     12 Dorah's trainer Dedicated
MOTHER     40 Dorah's mom     Former chosen one
FATHER     40 Dorah's dad     Playful
SIS        10 Dorah's sister  Clueless

DOOR01  Dorah begins her training: a bomb plot and a rescue

DOOR02  Dorah graduates from training and begins solo rescues

DOOR03  Dorah door can be any shape, any size, any position

DOOR04  Dorah and Dorman solve a kidnapping and a bank robbery

DOOR05  A coordinated crime spree hits the city on one night

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