CLAY00          GREEN CLAY FROM OUTER SPACE: series summary

Seeing a meteor crashing nearby, Katie finds it and removes some
green clay inside it. She finds that molding clay into the
shapes of animals causes the clay to transform instantly into
living animals.



Katie      12 Student      Artistic, bold
Jen        12 Friend       Neither artistic nor bold
Mom        40 Katie's mom  Protective
Dad        40 Katie's dad  Protective
Chuckie    12 Bully        Aggressive, disruptive
Junior     12 Bully        Submissive
Villain    40 Kidnapper    Ruthless, tenancious

CLAY01  Katie discovers the crash site of the meteor, finds an
        egg inside it that contains a mysterious green clay. She
        creates one animal that gets her into trouble and a
        second animal that gets her out of trouble.

CLAY02  Katie and Jen discover a plot by Chuckie and Junior to
        cheat on tests. Using the green clay, she makes two
        animals that thwart the cheating but the animals might
        cause damage to the school.

CLAY03  A villain tracks the meteor, goes after Katie and
        kidnaps her seeking the payload of the "spacecraft"
        thinking it might be worth billions.

CLAY04  After Katie escapes from the villain, he invades her
        house, ties up her mother and searches the house for the
        payload of the "spacecraft".

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