WORKS3   5'?m3f Salvation, cults, works, faith, deity of Jesus

(scene: small cafe table and two chairs)

AMY -- (enters carrying note pad and pen) We'll have a little
more privacy here.

LIZ -- (follows carrying file folder) Privacy? In a cafeteria?
Why not do this in your office?

AMY -- One of my coworkers has been bugging me all morning. I 
don't want her interrupting us. Let's get started on the 
presentation. As always we should start the presentation with a 
brief introduction. Would you like to handle the introduction?

LIZ -- Oh, sure. (writes)

AMY -- Then, I'll lay out the milestones....

JAN -- (enters carrying a potted plant, slides it onto table
dramatically, stands back, waits anxiously for a reaction)

AMY -- (sighs, to Jan) No.

JAN -- (exits disappointed)

AMY -- (to Liz, point to table) I layed out a Power Point 
presentation, starting with the four most important milestones 
for this project and the...

LIZ -- ...Excuse me. What's this (points to plant) all about?

AMY -- (sighs) It's a really involved story. I'd just as soon
not go into it right now.

LIZ -- Humor me.

AMY -- To make a long story short, she (points offstage) is a
member of a non-Christian cult, and...

JAN -- (enters carrying a five-pound box of chocolates, slides
it onto the table dramatically)

LIZ -- Chocolates! Oh! I love that brand of chocolates!

AMY -- (sternly to Jan) No! I said No!

JAN -- (exits disappointed)

LIZ -- What in the world is going on here?!

AMY -- She found out I was a Christian and she tried to convert

LIZ -- So, the gifts are a bribe to get you to convert?

AMY -- It's a long story. We really don't have time to talk
about it now. We have a presentation to plan. (points to 
tablet) I thought that after I lay out the milestones, you and I 
could alternate with the breakdowns on each milestone.

JAN -- (enters carrying an expensive watch in an expensive box,
slides it onto the table dramatically)

LIZ -- (picks up box, opens it) What is this, a watch? Oh, wow,
look at this! I saw this at Zales! Do you know how much this
watch costs?

AMY -- It doesn't matter. (to Jan) I said, the answer is NO!

JAN -- (exits disappointed)

AMY -- Now, where were we?

LIZ -- You were about to tell me what's going on here!

AMY -- This presentation is very important and we don't have
much time to prepare for it. So,...

LIZ -- (holds watch under Amy's nose)

AMY -- Alright, alright!

LIZ -- She must really want you to join her cult!

AMY -- That's not it at all!

LIZ -- Then, enlighten me.

AMY -- While she was trying to convert me, I had a lot of
questions about her religion that she couldn't answer.

LIZ -- Like what?

AMY -- Like the so-called prophecies made by the founder of her
religion which never came to pass.

LIZ -- So, he's a false prophet.

AMY -- That was the conclusion I came up with.

LIZ -- You still haven't explained the gifts.

JAN -- (enters carrying a large wad of money, slides it onto the
table dramatically)

LIZ -- Look at all that money! (flips through money) These are 
all twenty dollar bills!

AMY -- (to Liz) Do you see now why I didn't want to meet in my
office? She's been doing this all morning. (to Jan) No! You
can't buy your way in!

JAN -- (exits disappointed)

LIZ -- What's going on here?

AMY -- She found out that I was a Bible study leader.

LIZ -- And...?

AMY -- I showed her from the Bible that the Jesus her cult was
preaching was not the historical Jesus of the Bible.

LIZ -- When are you going to explain the gifts?

AMY -- Well, because she believed in a wimpy Jesus, she didn't
believe he could really save anybody from anything. But once I
showed her from the Bible that Jesus is God, she knew
immediately that her cult was leading her down the wrong road.

LIZ -- The gifts?

AMY -- I told you it was a long story!

LIZ -- Cut to the chase.

AMY -- Well, the long and the short of it is that even though
she knows that Jesus is God and that he's big enough to pay for
all her sins, she's a product of a performance-based cult. She
can't believe that a person can be saved merely by making a
personal commitment to Jesus. She thinks there has to be some
other requirement.

LIZ -- Like gifts.

AMY -- No. The gifts are not for Jesus. The gifts are for me.
She thinks that her commitment is not enough to save her.

JAN -- (enters carrying a ring of car keys at arm's length,
dangles them over table)

LIZ -- She's giving you the keys to her car?

AMY -- It's really difficult for cult members to grasp the idea
of salvation as a free gift from God. They think there's
something else they must do or give in order to deserve

LIZ -- But why is she giving the gifts to YOU?

AMY -- She thinks that if I pray for her, she'll have a better
chance of being saved.

LIZ -- Oh. That's ridiculous! The Bible says salvation is a gift
from God. Even the faith to believe is a gift from God.

AMY -- (to Jan) Did you hear what she said?

JAN -- (pulls a second key ring from pocket, offers it)

LIZ -- Now she's giving you the keys to her house?!

AMY -- (stands) She's hopeless. Let's go to my office. (exiting)
I'll just lock my door.

LIZ -- (stands) What about all these gifts? (pauses, looks both
ways, backs to exit) Listen, if your dead-set on giving away all 
these things, see me after the meeting. (finger to lips) Mum's 
the word.

JAN -- (follows with key rings extended)
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