WATCHME  5'?m2f The sabbath: salvation by grace or works

LIZ -- (crawls up on stage wearing climbing gear, ropes,
backpack, faces audience, crosses to C sidestepping on front lip
of stage as if on a narrow ledge, pulls out cell phone, dials)
Hello, Amy? This is Liz. You'll never guess where I am! I'm on
the very very top of Pinnacle Peak! I'm at 9343 feet above sea

AMY -- (enters opposite wearing church clothes, talking on cell
phone, crosses to C sidestepping on front lip of stage as if on
a narrow ledge) Yes, I know.

LIZ -- How did you know?!

AMY -- I can see you.

LIZ -- (squints, looks down) Where are you? Are you down in the
valley looking up at me through binoculars? Wave your arms so I
can see you.

AMY -- No. I'm right beside you.

LIZ -- You what?!

AMY -- I said I'm right beside you. (puts away phone)

LIZ -- (loses balance momentarily) Wo!

AMY -- (steadies her) Are you alright?

LIZ -- It took me six hours and twenty-five minutes to climb up
here. How did you get up here so fast!

AMY -- I drove.

LIZ -- You what?!

AMY -- I said, I got in my Buick and I drove up here.

LIZ -- You mean there's a road?

AMY -- Yes. There's a paved road (points over shoulder) on the
back side of the mountain. It comes all the way up to the peak.

LIZ -- Well, that's not fair. I spent all day getting up here. I
worked like a dog.

AMY -- That's the story of your life.

LIZ -- Did you know that I was almost killed in a landslide?

AMY -- Actually, the landslide is why I came up here. The
sheriff wants to talk to you.

LIZ -- Oh oh.

AMY -- You didn't happen to see the "no trespassing" signs, did

LIZ -- Yeah, they make great targets for my bee-bee pistol!
(smile melts) Oh oh. I'll bet I'm in trouble, huh?

AMY -- Pretty much.

LIZ -- I didn't destroy any houses did I?

AMY -- No. But you caused a flood.

LIZ -- A flood?! How did I cause a flood?!

AMY -- The dirt from your land-slide fell into somebody's
swimming pool.

LIZ -- Oh oh.

AMY -- (side-steps toward exit) Come on. I'll give you a ride
down the mountain.

LIZ -- (follows) How come you're all dressed up?

AMY -- I just came from church.

LIZ -- Oh, yeah. You worship on Sunday. Well, I may have caused
a landslide but at least I didn't sin like you.

AMY -- And just how did I sin?

LIZ -- Not worshipping on the sabbath.

AMY -- That's the story of your life.

LIZ -- That's the second time you've said that. What are you
talking about?

AMY -- You've got enough to worry about. We'll talk about it

LIZ -- (stops, folds arms) No. I want to talk about it now! What
is the story of my life?

AMY -- (stops, sighs) Alright. If you insist. You always do
things the hard way.

LIZ -- Like what?

AMY -- Like this. You told me last night that you were going to
the top of Pinnacle Peak to look at the view.

LIZ -- Yeah. So?

AMY -- So, most people would look at a map to see if there's an
easy way to get up here.

LIZ -- A map. I never thought of that!

AMY -- Instead, you took all morning to make a trip that I made
in ten minutes.

LIZ -- Yeah, but you get more kudos if you do it the hard way.
Do you know anybody else who climbed the front side of Pinnacle

AMY -- You're the only one.

LIZ -- See? I get bragging rights. (pause) But what does that
have to do with the sin of worshiping on Sunday?

AMY -- First of all, it's not a sin to worship the Lord on ANY

LIZ -- Okay, let me rephrase my question. What does that have to
do with the sin of NOT worshiping on the sabbath?

AMY -- Check your map there's an easier way.

LIZ -- You're not making any sense.

AMY -- First of all the sabbath was given to the Jews, not to
us gentiles. The word sabbath means REST. So, even if you think
the sabbath applies to us, it means we're supposed to REST on
the sabbath, not worship.

LIZ -- Wait a minute. The Bible doesn't say that!

AMY -- How would you know. Have you read the Bible?

LIZ -- Well, no.

AMY -- No. It would be too easy to read the book. Let's do it
the hard way. Let's work our way to Heaven by keeping the
sabbath, whatever that means.

LIZ -- All I know is that failing to worship on the sabbath is
the mark of the beast.

AMY -- Can you think of a single verse in the Bible that
commands us to worship on the sabbath?

LIZ -- Well, no. But when I get back home, I'm going to start
reading the Bible. Then you'll be sorry!

AMY -- Actually, I'll be quite pleased. But I can save you a lot
of wasted effort. You won't find the word WORSHIP and the word
SABBATH in the same sentence.

LIZ -- I won't?

AMY -- No. We're supposed to worship the Lord all the time. Not
just one day a week.

LIZ -- Oh, yeah. I remember hearing that somewhere.  But
worshiping on the sabbath has to be good for SOMETHING!

AMY -- (mimics) "You get more kudos if you do it the hard way."

LIZ -- I knew you'd see it my way.

AMY -- Do you think kudos will make things better with the

LIZ -- I doubt it.

AMY -- Do you think kudos will work any better with the Lord?

LIZ -- I see what you mean. But if keeping the sabbath won't get
you to Heaven, what will?

AMY -- The Bible says that Jesus is our sabbath rest.

LIZ -- You mean if we have Jesus, we keep the sabbath?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- That's way too easy.

AMY -- (exiting) You could always try it the hard way.

LIZ -- (follows) Naw. Too many land slides.
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