WAREHOUS 4'?m2f Evangelism, witnessing, all take, no give

AMY -- (enters in grey uniform, carrying clipboard and a package
wrapped in brown paper, shouts) Package for Johnson Warehouse.

LIZ -- (enters opposite, approaches) I'll sign for it.

AMY -- (offers clipboard) Sign by the "X".

LIZ -- (takes clipboard) Here?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- (studies clipboard, signs)

AMY -- You sure get a lot of packages.

LIZ -- Yes, I do.

AMY -- But I never pick up any packages from your company.

LIZ -- No. (offers clipboard, takes package)

AMY -- Is there something wrong with the way our company handles
shipments that you don't like?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- I mean, we haven't damaged any of the packages we
delivered to your warehouse, have we?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- May I ask who does your shipping?

LIZ -- Sure.

AMY -- (pause) Well, who does your shipping?

LIZ -- I don't do any shipping. I only do receiving here.

AMY -- Who in your company handles the shipping?

LIZ -- Well, if I did any shipping, I would be the one to handle

AMY -- So, your company doesn't ship ANYthing?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- How does your company make any money if you don't ship

LIZ -- Actually, I don't make any money.

AMY -- So, you're a non-profit organization.

LIZ -- Ah, no. I started the company to make money. It just
worked out that I haven't made any money.

AMY -- But you keep receiving packages.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- If you don't ship anything, what do you do with all the
packages you receive?

LIZ -- I put these on the shelves in my warehouse, here. (points
over shoulder)

AMY -- Do you have plans to ship ANY of them?

LIZ -- Ah, no.

AMY -- How long have you been operating like this?

LIZ -- Three years.

AMY -- So, you've got merchandise on your shelves that have been
collecting dust for three years?

LIZ -- That's right.

AMY -- Do you realize that three-year-old merchandise will be
obsolete by the time you sell it?

LIZ -- Well, actually, I wasn't planning to sell any of it.

AMY -- How will your company make any money if you don't sell
any of your merchandise?

LIZ -- I'm not sure.

AMY -- Let me get this right. You deliberately receive
merchandise that you have no intention of selling.

LIZ -- That's right.

AMY -- And you realize that by letting it sit on the shelves,
your merchandise will become obsolete, even worthless.

LIZ -- I try not to think about it.

AMY -- You try not to think about it.

LIZ -- It's too depressing to think that, even though I keep
receiving new merchandise all the time, my company becomes worth
less and less.

AMY -- Maybe you should think about SHIPPING some of it.

LIZ -- No!

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- If I shipped some of these packages, I wouldn't have them

AMY -- But every moment you hang onto these packages they're
worth less and less.

LIZ -- Yes, but at least I have them.

AMY -- Are you not aware that the purpose of a business is to
sell things and make money?

LIZ -- That's not the purpose of MY business!

AMY -- What is the purpose of YOUR business?

LIZ -- To accumulate things and fill up my warehouse.

AMY -- Doesn't it bother you that sooner or later you're going
to go bankrupt and go out of business?

LIZ -- I prefer not to think about it. I prefer instead to think
of the positive aspects of my business.

AMY -- What possible positive aspects could there be of a
business that is sure to go belly up?

LIZ -- Well, for one thing, the bookkeeping is simple. All I
have is inventory. If I don't sell anything, I don't need to
hire any employees. And, of course, there's no pesky sales
reports to fill out or any income tax to pay.

AMY -- I see. (turns) Well, I'll see you on my next delivery.

LIZ -- Oh! There won't be anymore deliveries.

AMY -- (turns) There won't?

LIZ -- No. They're closing me down tomorrow.

AMY -- Oh, I'm sorry.

LIZ -- (exiting) It's okay, though. My warehouse is full.

AMY -- (pauses, shakes head exits) Reminds me of some Christians
I know.

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