VOICES   5'?m2f Salvation, no condemnation, sin, eternity

(scene: podium or table with headphones and electronic gadget)

AMY -- (enters wearing white lab coat, crosses to podium) Okay,
let's hook you up to the machine so we can measure of your
hearing acuity.

LIZ -- (follows) I'll do anything to get rid of this problem.

AMY -- (installing headphones over Liz's ears) Well, we have to
start somewhere. (speaks into gadget) If you can hear me, nod
your head.

LIZ -- (nods)

AMY -- Now, I'm going to send the headphones a series of sounds
at various frequencies. Raise your right hand if you hear the
sound in your right ear. Raise your left hand if you hear the
sound in your left ear. Okay?

LIZ -- (nods)

AMY -- (twiddles dials on gadget, looks to Liz)

LIZ -- (raises right hand)

AMY -- (twiddles dials on gadget, looks to Liz)

LIZ -- (raises left hand)

AMY -- (twiddles dials on gadget, looks to Liz)

LIZ -- (raises right hand)

AMY -- (twiddles dials on gadget, looks to Liz)

LIZ -- (raises left hand)

AMY -- (twiddles dials on gadget, looks to Liz)

LIZ -- (raises left hand)

AMY -- (twiddles dials on gadget, looks to Liz)

LIZ -- (raises right hand)

AMY -- (twiddles dials on gadget, looks to Liz)

LIZ -- (raises both hands)

AMY -- (removes headphones) Well, your hearing is completely
normal at all frequencies. Exactly what is the nature of your
hearing problem?

LIZ -- I hear voices.

AMY -- You hear voices.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Open your mouth.

LIZ -- My problem is with my hearing, not with my....

AMY -- Open wide.

LIZ -- (opens mouth)

AMY -- (inspects Liz's mouth with small flashlight) I'm checking
for metallic dental fillings that have been known to act as
receivers of radio and television stations but I don't see any
suspicious fillings in your teeth. What is the nature of these

LIZ -- It's mostly criticism and derision.

AMY -- Criticism and derision.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Are there several different voices? Or just one voice?

LIZ -- (pauses) One voice.

AMY -- Is there a time of day or specific circumstance
associated with these criticisms?

LIZ -- (pauses) Well, they happen at all times of the day and
night. But they usually happen... just after... I make a mistake
or do something stupid.

AMY -- You're not a Christian, are you?

LIZ -- What does that have to do with anything?

AMY -- Just answer the question.

LIZ -- Well, as a matter of fact, I AM a Christian.... At least
I think I'm a Christian, I made a commitment to Jesus.

AMY -- What kind of commitment did you make?

LIZ -- What kind?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- The kind where you become a Christian.

AMY -- No. I mean, what kinds of things did you tell Jesus you
would trust him for?

LIZ -- Oh. Ah. (pause) Eternal life. Yes. That's it. Eternal

AMY -- Okay.

LIZ -- What's this all about? What does my commitment to Jesus
have to do with my hearing problem?

AMY -- That's just it. I don't think you have a hearing problem.
I think you have a commitment problem.

LIZ -- I don't understand.

AMY -- Do you know why Jesus died on the cross?

LIZ -- So that I could have eternal life.

AMY -- Do you know how Jesus' death insures eternal life for

LIZ -- Ah, no.

AMY -- Let me put it this way. Do you know what keeps you from
having eternal life without Jesus?

LIZ -- Let's see. Sin?

AMY -- That's right. Sin. In other words, the mistakes you make
and the stupid things you do.

LIZ -- Oh. The voice I hear after I make a mistake or do
something stupid.... The voice is talking about my sins.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- But if Jesus paid for my sins by dying on the cross, why
am I still hearing the criticism and derision?

AMY -- I'll give you a clue. It has nothing to do with your

LIZ -- No. You said it has to do with my.... commitment. Oh. I
made a commitment to trust Jesus for my eternal life, but I
didn't trust him to take my condemnation for my mistakes and

AMY -- He paid for them, you might want to make a commitment to
him to let him take care of your criticism and derision.

LIZ -- He would do that?

AMY -- The Bible says there is no condemnation for those who are
in Christ Jesus.

LIZ -- I've heard that before. Is that what that means?

AMY -- That's what that means.

LIZ -- (exiting) Well, that's a relief. I thought I might need

AMY -- (follows) But all you needed was commitment.

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