USED     3'0m1f Monologue: Secondary virginity, sex, dating

Do you see this ring? (shows ring to audience) It's not what you
think. I'm not engaged. I bought it myself. In fact, I paid too
much for it. And it's the best bargain I ever bought. Do you
know why? Because it reminds me of me. Let me tell you how I
came to buy it.

I was on a date. It was my first date with this guy. He was a 
real hunk. We just had a really delicious meal at a really nice 
restaurant. It was real romantic. The lights were low. Lots of 
hand holding and getting acquainted. As he was paying the bill, 
he turned to me and ask me if I wanted to check into a room at 
the motel next door. He caught me a little off guard, but, after 
such a nice meal, I didn't think I could say no. So, I said, 
"Sure." (smiles nervously)

On our way to the motel, the sidewalk was strewn with several
street vendors. I stopped at one small table to admire some
jewelry, while my date went to watch a painter paint a nature
scene on the bottom of an ash tray. I picked up one ring that
struck my eye and tried it on. (holds out hand admiringly)

"Nice. How much?"

(imitates) Thirty dollars." The vendor said.

(removes imaginary ring, holds it at eye level)

"For a hunk of metal and a rock?!"

The vendor smiled and said. (imitates) "Using cheap words to
describe it doesn't make it cheaper. It just makes it SEEM
cheaper to you."

(tilts head, looks off into distance, pauses)

Then, he said something that surprised me. He said, (imitates)
"You may not know it from looking at it, but that ring is used."

"Well", I said, "That should make it LESS expensive, not more."

Then the vendor asked, (imitates) "Would you have known that
that ring was used if I hadn't told you?"

(inspects imaginary ring)

"Actually, no. I couldn't tell. But it's used. So, it's not
worth as much. I'll give you twenty dollars for it."

(imitates) "Forty dollars", He demanded.

"Wait a minute! You started at thirty dollars!"

(imitates) "That's right." He said. And then he said something
I'll never forget. He said, (imitates) "The value of something
is always set by the owner."

(slips ring on finger)

I bought the ring and I paid the higher price. Then, I went over
to my date and told him that I changed my mind, that I wouldn't
be checking into the motel with him after all.

(imitates) "You what?! Why not?!"

"I bought this ring."

(pauses, tilts head, imitates) "You don't have to worry about 
money. I'll pay for the Motel room!"

"No, you don't understand. The vendor reminded me that I've been
using cheap words to describe something that is very valuable,
to God and to me. But cheap words don't make valuable things
cheap. Cheap words only make them SEEM cheaper."

(imitates) "I don't understand."

(offers ring, point to stone) This ring is a constant reminder
to me that the value of something... or SOMEONE is set by the
owner. And in the past, I was deceived by cheap words to cheapen
my self worth. But from now on my worth will be set by the
owner. (exiting) And my value just increased. I'm worth it!

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