TRUST    4'?m2f Trust before and after salvation

LIZ -- (enters, paces floor) Now I've done it. I've really done
it this time.

AMY -- (enters opposite) Liz, have you seen Brandon?

LIZ -- (pacing) Huh? No.

AMY -- Are you alright?

LIZ -- Do I look like I'm alright?

AMY -- No, you don't. What's the matter?

LIZ -- This is all your fault.

AMY -- What's all my fault?

LIZ -- You told me to trust Jesus to forgive my sins.

AMY -- You finally did that?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Well, good for you! Wait a minute. Are you sure you put
your trust in Jesus?

LIZ -- Yes. I'm sure. I should know, shouldn't I?

AMY -- Well, yes, you should. But most people who trust Jesus
are... happy. Why aren't you happy?

LIZ -- Because the moment you trust someone else with your
future, you're no longer in control of your future yourself.

AMY -- That's a good thing... if that someone else is

LIZ -- What if he turns me into a missionary? What if he sends
me to Botswana or New Guinea?

AMY -- Oh, that. Well, that's not very likely...

LIZ -- Well, then, what if he gives me a boring ministry? What
if I have to alphabetize file folders for the rest of my life?

AMY -- Well, that's not likely either.

LIZ -- What if he makes me marry a seminary student with acne
and bad breath?

AMY -- You don't have to worry about things like that.

LIZ -- How do you know? (stops) Do you have the gift of

AMY -- Well, no, but...

LIZ -- (paces) I hate mosquitos and snakes and I hate clerical
work and I have enough acne of my own to worry about. What have
I done?

AMY -- Listen, you've made the decision to trust Jesus. Why
don't you just enjoy your new relationship with him?

LIZ -- How can I enjoy anything if I have no idea where he's
going to stick me.

AMY -- Jesus is not going to STICK you anywhere!

LIZ -- You don't know that.

AMY -- Yes, I do.

LIZ -- How? If you don't have the gift of prophecy, how do you

AMY -- Look, if the Lord wanted to mistreat you, he wouldn't
have to wait until you put your trust in Him to do it.

LIZ -- (stops) Oh, maybe you're right.

AMY -- How many people do you think would be spreading the word
about Jesus if being a Christian was a bummer?

LIZ -- None, I suppose.

AMY -- Do you think someone who loved you enough to die for you
would just STICK you somewhere?

LIZ -- Well, I suppose not.

AMY -- When you trusted him a little, he rewarded you by
forgiving your sins. Do you think he'll reward more of your
trust with less love?

LIZ -- No, I guess not. But what do you think he'll do with me?

AMY -- Have you trusted him with your future?

LIZ -- Yes. Why do you think I'm so nervous?

AMY -- Then,...(fingers own temples as if receiving a vision)
yes, there it is! I'm getting a vision. I see it now! I see it

LIZ -- What?! What do you see?!

AMY -- I see that he will reward your trust by guiding you into
a ministry that you will truly love.

LIZ -- You don't know that.

AMY -- Yes, I do.

LIZ -- How do you know that?

AMY -- Because Pastor Tom just gave me a new ministry

LIZ -- What does YOUR ministry opportunity have to do with me?

AMY -- The ministry is too big for me to handle alone. I need
the help of someone who doesn't want to travel to Botswana or
New Guinea.

LIZ -- You're kidding....

AMY -- Someone who hates clerical work....

LIZ -- You're kidding....

AMY -- Someone who could get along with me...

LIZ -- You're kidding....

AMY -- I had no idea who I was going to ask to help me. I
couldn't ask you, because you were not a Christian....

LIZ -- But I AM a Christian! You're kidding...

AMY -- (turns to exit) Oh, but there was just one thing.

LIZ -- (follows) What? What's the matter?

AMY -- The ministry is too big for even two of us. I was
thinking about asking Brandon...

LIZ -- (runs into Amy's path) Brandon! I get to be in ministry
with Brandon?!

AMY -- Well, you could, but...

LIZ -- But what?!

AMY -- Well, I'm not sure that Brandon would meet your

LIZ -- My expectations?!

AMY -- (exiting) Yeah, I'm sorry, but he doesn't have acne or
bad breath.

LIZ -- (follows) Very funny.
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