TEMPTING 5'?m2f Discipleship, temptation, sin, spiritual warfare

(both demons are dressed in black)

OLD -- (enters, crosses to C, looks at watch, looks both ways,
looks at watch, paces)

NEW -- (enters toddling carrying three large stacked boxes)
Sorry I'm late. I had to stop and pick up a few things.

OLD -- Oh, brother.

NEW -- What's the matter?

OLD -- This is why I hate working with rookies.

NEW -- What did I do?!

OLD -- Let me guess what's in the boxes.

NEW -- Alright.

OLD -- You invented some new and clever temptations. (takes a

NEW -- How did you guess?

OLD -- You rookies are all alike. (kicks box over the edge of
the stage)

NEW -- Hey, that's valuable stuff!

OLD -- That's what they all say. (takes boxes, kicks them over
the edge of the stage)

NEW -- You can't just destroy my things like that!

OLD -- I'm a demon. Destroying things is what I do.

NEW -- Well, it's not very nice.

OLD -- We didn't come here to be nice. We came here to keep that
new Christian from doing God's work.

NEW -- That's why I brought those new and improved temptations.

OLD -- There's no such thing as new and improved temptations.

NEW -- How can you say that?! You haven't even seen my new

OLD -- First of all the Bible says in First Corinthians 10:13
"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man."

NEW -- It says that in the Bible?

OLD -- How you going to be an effective demon unless you read
the enemy's documents?!

NEW -- But.... I was so sure that I had created some new and
attractive temptations.

OLD -- Kid, there are two things you got to remember about your
job as demon: first, don't reinvent the wheel.

NEW -- I don't understand.

OLD -- There are only three kinds of temptation:
self-indulgence, self-importance, and coveting. Anything you
brought with you in those boxes is just a repeat of a temptation
that already exists.

NEW -- Oh.

OLD -- The second thing you got to remember is that your job as
a demon is not to try to TEMPT him. He doesn't need any help in
being tempted. He runs into temptations all day long just by
being human.

NEW -- What IS my job then?

OLD -- Your primary job is espionage. You need to go through his

NEW -- Go through his garbage?!

OLD -- We're demons! What do people say about us?

NEW -- That we're low lifes?

OLD -- Now you're getting the picture, kid. Down and dirty,
that's us. Our job is to read his discarded mail, his old
calendars, his day planners, his cancelled checks, and his 
credit card receipts. We need to find out what movies he rents, 
what magazines he reads, what games he plays, what internet 
sites he visits. Find out which temptation he's already 
vulnerable to and then give him a little (demonstrates) PUSH to 
help him give into that temptation.

NEW -- You make it sound so... simple. All we have to do is help
this new Christian give in to temptation? That's it?!

OLD -- That's it.

NEW -- What do we do after that?

OLD -- Nothing.

NEW -- Nothing?!

OLD -- Look, once we've found the point of greatest
vulnerability with this Christian and help him make the RIGHT
CHOICE, there's nothing else to do.

NEW -- I don't get it.

OLD -- Look. Let's say for example that this new Christian is
most vulnerable to self-indulgence.

NEW -- Okay.

OLD -- Once we've helped him give in to self-indulgence, he'll
be enslaved to self-indulgence.

NEW -- Enslaved?

OLD -- That's right. Once he's given in to self-indulgence,
he'll want more self-indulgence. And he'll do ANYTHING to keep
indulging. He's all done deciding whether to give in, now all
his decision making will be "how do I get more?". He's a SLAVE
to self-indulgence!

NEW -- Hey, I get it. What good will he be to God if he's a
slave to sin?

OLD -- Bingo!

NEW -- It SOUNDS good, but does that strategy really work?

OLD -- Take it from a demon who has tried EVERYTHING, helping
this Christian give in to temptation is MORE effective in
keeping him useless to God than throwing him in prison.

NEW -- MORE effective?

OLD -- Absolutely. If he's in prison, this Christian will pray
to God to help him. But if he's imprisoned to sin, prayer is the
last thing on his mind. All he's thinking about is getting his
next fix of his favorite sin.

NEW -- I never thought about it like that.

OLD -- We demons developed this tactic over thousands of years.
We do what works.

NEW -- (moves to exit) Let's do it! Let's get started!

OLD -- Wait.

NEW -- (stops, turns) What's the matter?

OLD -- A demon's number one job is espionage, remember?

NEW -- Yeah, so?

OLD -- (exits) So, the garbage cans are this way.

NEW -- (follows) Down and dirty, that's us!

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