SMOOTH   8'?m2f Eternal security: knowing where you're going

(scene: a small boat)

AMY -- (enters points to boat) Here we are. Hop in.

LIZ -- (follows) Alright, what are you up to?

AMY -- I'm not up to anything. I'm taking you for a boat ride.
Hop in.

LIZ -- You're taking me for a boat ride.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- No tricks.

AMY -- No. No tricks. Hop in.

LIZ -- Your going to take me out and drown me, aren't you?

AMY -- No. Nothing like that. I'm a Christian. I value human
life. I would never do that.

LIZ -- You're up to something. I know it.

AMY -- Why would you think such a thing?

LIZ -- I just insulted you. People don't reward an insult by
taking their assailant for a boat ride.

AMY -- Well, you weren't really insulting me. You were insulting
my Christian beliefs. I'm not insulted personally when you
insult my beliefs.

LIZ -- Well, if you're not insulted, you're just about the only
person on earth who wouldn't be.

AMY -- I assure you, I'm not personally insulted. You have
nothing to fear from me.

LIZ -- Then, why the boat ride?

AMY -- It's a beautiful day. The scenery along this river is
gorgeous and you can see some wildlife along this stretch of the
river that you can't see anywhere else on earth.

LIZ -- There's something else. You're not telling me everything.

AMY -- You're right. A boat ride on this river will illustrate
why I'm a Christian.

LIZ -- You are really strange.

AMY -- Thank you. I don't take that personally either. So, how
about a boat ride? (motions toward boat)

LIZ -- Well, it is a beautiful day. The air is calm. Not a cloud 
in the sky. The water is smooth. I suppose a boat ride would be 
kind of fun. (steps into boat) Okay, I'm in. What exactly does 
this illustrate?

AMY -- (unties rope, tosses it into boat) You'd better sit down
or you might end up overboard.

LIZ -- Oh. (sits) Sure.

AMY -- (pushes boat briefly, steps in) There we go.

LIZ -- It really is beautiful out here on the river, isn't it?

AMY -- Yes. I love it.

LIZ -- (smile melts) Say, I don't know how to tell you this, but
this boat doesn't have any oars or a motor.

AMY -- I knew that.

LIZ -- Well, how are you going to maneuver?

AMY -- This is a river. The water will push us along. We'll just
go with the flow.

LIZ -- "Go with the flow". Isn't that funny?! I've said that a
hundred times. But I've never thought about where the saying
came from. "Go with the flow"

AMY -- That's really what life is all about, isn't it?

LIZ -- Is that your illustration?

AMY -- Partly. Life really is like being in a boat with no oars.
Don't you think?

LIZ -- I suppose. In a way. I mean, there are circumstances
beyond our control, like accidents and sicknesses. But I think
for the most part for intelligent people, life is more like
being in a boat with oars or a motor. You can usually see
obstacles ahead, like sand bars and fallen trees and maneuver
around them.

AMY -- You've never been on this river before, have you?

LIZ -- No. Never. Why? There aren't any HIDDEN obstacles in this 
river, are there?

AMY -- Would you be able to see a waterfall if we approached it
from above?

LIZ -- Not usually. You usually HEAR a waterfall before you can
see it. (sits straight) Say, we're not in any danger, are we?!

AMY -- Would it make you feel better to see a map of the river?

LIZ -- Do you have one?

AMY -- (pulls small map from pocket) Sure. (offers it)

LIZ -- (takes map, unfolds it) Oh, good.

AMY -- Why do you think you feel better with a map?

LIZ -- I don't know. I suppose it's nice to know what's up
ahead. It kind of takes the uncertainty out of life.

AMY -- Well, now you know one of the reasons why I'm a
Christian. (head back, eyes closed, soaks in sun) It's a
beautiful day, isn't it? The sun is warm. The water is smooth.
It's so quiet and serene.

LIZ -- Oh oh.

AMY -- (not opening eyes) Is something wrong?

LIZ -- Do you know a place called "Rainbow Falls"?

AMY -- Yes, it's a waterfall. It's really beautiful. It drops
about 150 feet. It's really spectacular!

LIZ -- Well, it's right here in the middle of this map!

AMY -- Uh huh.

LIZ -- Aren't you worried?

AMY -- Why would I be worried?

LIZ -- It's a waterfall! And we don't have any oars or motor to
avoid it! If we keep going, we'll fall to our deaths!

AMY -- Well that doesn't make any sense. The river is so smooth
here. It's hard to imagine that such a smooth, calm river could
hurt anyone, isn't it?

LIZ -- We're going to die!

AMY -- Yes, we are. You've just discovered another reason why
I'm a Christian.

LIZ -- Well, why don't you do something?

AMY -- What would you like me to do?

LIZ -- Something! Anything! Aren't you afraid of dying?!

AMY -- Actually, no, I'm not. (opens eyes) Listen, are you sure 
we're in danger? The river is really calm and smooth. Look at 
it. We're just drifting along effortlessly how could anything go 

LIZ -- Well, you, of all people should know that just because a
river is smooth and calm in one place doesn't mean it's that way
all over.

AMY -- You mean life doesn't just go on and on as it always has?

LIZ -- No! You fool! There's a waterfall ahead and we're going
to die!

AMY -- (points to map) Actually, the waterfall is (points over
shoulder) UPSTREAM from here.

LIZ -- (examines map) Are you sure?!

AMY -- We're in no danger of anything except sunburn.

LIZ -- You jerk!

AMY -- I suppose I ought to take that personally.

LIZ -- Yes, you should! You had me scared to death!

AMY -- I really wasn't trying to scare you. I just wanted you to
look at life through the eyes of a Christian.

LIZ -- Well, you failed. I didn't see anything, except my life
flashing before my eyes.

AMY -- I'm sorry. I didn't really intend to scare you with the
map. I wanted you to see what Christians see.

LIZ -- What do Christians see?

AMY -- When I asked you why you would feel better with a map of
the river, you said that it removes the uncertainty.

LIZ -- Well, it USUALLY does.

AMY -- It's the same when Christians read the Bible regularly.

LIZ -- How so?

AMY -- There are dozens and dozens of prophecies in the Bible
that remove uncertainties about the future.

LIZ -- ANYBODY can predict the future.

AMY -- That's true. But dozens of these predictions have already
been fulfilled in history, right down to the letter.

LIZ -- Dozens?

AMY -- Yes, and some predictions were made 500 years in advance.
Did you know that the Bible predicted that Jesus would die with
nails in his hands and feet BEFORE crucifixion was even

LIZ -- No, I didn't.

AMY -- Can you see now why we Christians are so confident in the

LIZ -- (pause) What happens in the future?

AMY -- A waterfall.

LIZ -- You're kidding!

AMY -- Well, the future is very much like a waterfall.

LIZ -- How so?

AMY -- It depends on how you view it. If you look at it from
upstream as you did by misreading the map, you see certain
death, not a very pretty site.

LIZ -- How do you see the future.

AMY -- We Christians view it from downstream. It looks really
beautiful to us.

LIZ -- Your talking about death, aren't you?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- How is that beautiful?

AMY -- Jesus already experienced death for us. That means the
danger is behind us. We can just enjoy the view.

LIZ -- You're really NOT afraid of death, are you?

AMY -- Well, I'm not crazy about the pain or sickness that will
bring death. But I'm not afraid of death itself. Well, I suppose
we should get out now or we'll get sunburned.

LIZ -- I will remind you that this boat doesn't have any oars.
How are you...

(both lurch forward)

LIZ -- Say, how did you do that?!

AMY -- (stands, exits boat) It's a sand bar.

LIZ -- (exiting boat) You really know this river well, don't

AMY -- (tugs rope to beach the boat) It's just like life. The
trip is much more pleasant when you know where you'll end up.

LIZ -- Not that I want to become a Christian or anything, but
how... how can a person be sure where he'll end up?

AMY -- The key is to admit that you have no real control over
your own boat.

LIZ -- (exiting) You mean "go with the flow".

AMY -- (follows) I mean (points up) "go with the one who created
the river."
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