SINLESS  3'?m3f Sin in the believer, confession

SUE -- (enters reading book, crosses)

AMY -- (enters opposite backward) I'm so excited! This is the
opportunity I have been waiting for.

LIZ -- (follows Amy) When did you find out?

AMY -- Just an hour ago! (collides with Sue)

SUE -- (drops book, shouts) Hey, watch where you're walking, you
stupid jerk!

AMY -- (picking up book) Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I...

SUE -- You're sorry, alright! You're the sorriest person I ever

LIZ -- Hey, pal, you don't have to get abusive about it! It was
an accident!

AMY -- (gives book to Sue, reaches into pocket)

SUE -- (to Liz) I wasn't talking to YOU, jerk! You want a piece
of me?!

AMY -- (calmly offers a small ticket to Sue) That won't be
necessary. Here. Take this.

SUE -- (takes ticket) Thanks a lot! You damage my new book and
then you pay me with a worthless ticket?!

AMY -- It means a lot to me.

SUE -- You keep it then! (flicks ticket into air, exits) Jerk!

LIZ -- (bending to pick up ticket) What was her problem?!

AMY -- Oh, everybody has bad days.

LIZ -- (examines ticket) What is this anyway? It looks like one
of those tickets you get when you're waiting in line at the Post
Office or at the delicatessen.

AMY -- As a matter of fact, I got it at a delicatessen.

LIZ -- Well, why did you give it to her?

AMY -- Because it was her turn.

LIZ -- It was her turn... for what?

AMY -- To be a jerk.

LIZ -- (laughs) I'm glad she didn't stay around for the
explanation. She would have punched you in the nose.

AMY -- Oh. I guess that sounded kind of insulting, didn't it?

LIZ -- Well, in a word, yes.

AMY -- That's not the way I meant it.

LIZ -- How did you mean it?

AMY -- I've kept that ticket in my pocket for months. It's a
constant reminder to me of 1 John 1:8.

LIZ -- 1 John 1:8.

AMY -- If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and
the truth is not in us.

LIZ -- How does a paper ticket remind you that you're a sinner?

AMY -- The day I got that ticket, a guy ahead of me in line at
the deli got tired of waiting his turn and unloaded on the
waitress behind the counter when she finally called his number.

LIZ -- So, the service was slow that day.

AMY -- Really slow. It was one of those days when they were
short-handed behind the counter, everybody in line had special
orders and nobody had the correct change.

LIZ -- Been there. Done that.

AMY -- Me too. But the odd thing was, the loud mouth who
unloaded on that poor waitress said exactly what I was thinking.
I thought to myself, "There, but for the grace of God, go I".
And I kept my ticket to remind me that, under the right
circumstances, I am capable of the worst possible human

LIZ -- Even though you're a Christian?

AMY -- You don't stop being human when you become a Christian.

LIZ -- Yes, but, what about the Holy Spirit?

AMY -- He helps if I ask him. But I don't always remember to
ask, especially when the service is slow and the waiting line is
bogged down.

LIZ -- Well, in that case, I insist that you take back your

AMY -- (exiting) Why do you insist?

LIZ -- (follows) Because it's YOUR turn to be a jerk.

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