SEX      5'?m2f Dating: why demons use sex against Christians

(both demons wear black)

OLD -- (enters running) Come on! Hurry.

NEW -- (follows walking) What's your hurry?

OLD -- (stops, turns) What's my hurry?! Don't you know what this
is? (points to far exit)

NEW -- Yeah. It's a temptation. We've done a million
temptations. You never hurried before.

OLD -- Don't they teach you new recruits anything at the Demon
Academy anymore? This (points to far exit) is not just another
temptation. This is a SEXUAL temptation!

NEW -- (yawns)

OLD -- You really don't get this, do you?

NEW -- Obviously not.

OLD -- Then, let me put it in terms even YOU can understand. Did
you know that the boss gives BONUS points to demons who push
(demonstrates) Christians into sexual sin?

NEW -- BONUS points?!

OLD -- I knew that would get your attention.

NEW -- Why would the boss give bonus points just for helping
Christians to give in to sexual temptation?

OLD -- You know, I should send you back to the academy. You're
not mature enough to cope with sexual temptations.

NEW -- I am! I'm ready!

OLD -- Alright, I'll tell you. But I'm only going to cover this
once. Time is of the essence where sexual temptation is

NEW -- I'm listening.

OLD -- Let's go back to the basics. Why do we demons go to all 
the trouble to push Christians into ANY kind of sins?!

NEW -- Oh! I know this one. This is from Temptation 101.
(recites) Because.... A Christian who is involved in sins is not
very good at doing God's work on earth.

OLD -- That's right. If we can't keep him from becoming a 
Christian, we can keep him from being an EFFECTIVE Christian.
Now, if our main purpose is to keep Christians from being useful 
to God, then it's only logical that ONE sin that involves TWO 
Christians would be twice as effective.

NEW -- Oh. Yeah! I never thought of that!

OLD -- But, it's even better than that.

NEW -- How so?

OLD -- Sexual sin is not just a one-time occurrance. It can
remove two christians from Christian service for months,
sometimes FOREVER!

NEW -- How?

OLD -- When two human beings have sex, their hormones give them
feelings that make them think they actually love one another.

NEW -- But they don't?

OLD -- (looks both ways) Listen, kid, we've got those human
beings, even the Christians, thinking that love is an emotion
that you FEEL.

NEW -- You mean it's not?!

OLD -- You see how good the lies are?! Even YOU believe it! No.
Love is not an emotion they FEEL. Love is a commitment they make
when they get married. The feelings of love follow AFTER the
commitment of love. But we've got the humans, even the Christian
humans fooled into thinking they can get the exact same feelings
without making the marriage commitment. Then, (claps) wham!
We've rendered them completely useless to God.

NEW -- How are they useless?

OLD -- You know, we are wasting valuable time. With sexual
temptation, time is of the essence.

NEW -- Just answer this one question. How does sexual sin render
the Christians useless?

OLD -- The secret is the guilt. They either have to admit that
they made a mistake or lie about it to their Christian friends.

NEW -- Oh, I get it. But they're not about to admit their
mistake, since they would have to give up doing the sex. But
they're not about to give up the sex, since they think they love
each other.

OLD -- Now you've got it! But sexual sin is even better than

NEW -- What could be better than sex and lies?

OLD -- Christians don't like to lie to each other. So they avoid

NEW -- How is that good for us? I thought avoiding lies was bad
for us.

OLD -- No. It's GOOD for us. You see, instead of lying to their
fellow Christians, the sexual sinners merely avoid their friends

NEW -- Oh, I get it! They stop going to church.

OLD -- Bingo! And there is virtually no chance that Christians
can be any use to God if they don't go to church.

NEW -- No wonder the boss gives bonus points for sexual sins.

OLD -- Hey, it's even better than that. If the two Christians
involved are both married, we've also broken up two marriages.

NEW -- And the boss hates marriage! (exiting) Let's go get some
bonus points!

OLD -- (looks to far exit, gasps) Oh no!

NEW -- (stops, turns) What's the matter?

OLD -- You remember I told you that with sexual temptation time
is of the essence?

NEW -- Yes. So?

OLD -- So, we delayed and now it's too late.

NEW -- Too late?

OLD -- Yes. Look. (points)

NEW -- There's a third person there. Who is that other person?

OLD -- That's no person! That's a guardian angel!

NEW -- We didn't delay that much. How did the angel get here so

OLD -- Somebody must have been praying for them.

NEW -- No problem. We outnumber the angel two to one! (turns)
Let's go!

OLD -- Save your energy, kid.

NEW -- (stops, turns) Why?! We've got him outnumbered.

OLD -- Listen, kid, I think you're beginning to believe your own
press releases. We have no power over angels. Our only power is
deception and lies. The moment that angel starts whispering the
truth to those love birds, our lies will melt like ice cream in
the sun.

NEW -- So, you're just going to give up?!

OLD -- That's right. We have no weapon against the truth.
(turns, exits) We might as well call it a day.

NEW -- (follows) Listen, I'm sorry for the delay. I had no idea
we were so powerless.

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