SEWER    4'?m2f Sin, discipleship, light, darkness

(light cue: dim to dark, dim up to 50% as Amy and Liz enter)

AMY -- (enters wearing rubber boots, bending at the waist,
carrying flashlight)

LIZ -- (follows wearing rubber boots, bending at the waist,
carrying flashlight) How much further?

AMY -- It can't be much further.

LIZ -- That's what you said five minutes ago. (rugs own lower
back, groans) My back is killing me!

AMY -- Look on the positive side.

LIZ -- We're in a sewer. There is no positive side to a sewer as
far as I can see.

AMY -- There are lots of advantages walking in a sewer.

LIZ -- Like what?

AMY -- Like, you don't have to wait in lines down here. There's
no traffic jams down here. There are no one-way streets
down here. There's nobody down here telling you where you can
and cannot go. Plus, there's almost an infinite number of
options down here. With thirty-five miles of sewer pipes down
here, you can explore to your heart's content. If you want to go
left, you can go left. If you want to go right, you can go

LIZ -- I don't want to go left or right! I want to go where I
can stand up straight! My back is killing me!

AMY -- You know, there's even an advantage to back pain.

LIZ -- I'm sure.

AMY -- There is. You haven't complained about the sewage smell
in over five minutes.

LIZ -- Big deal.

AMY -- Well, here we are at another junction. More choices.

LIZ -- Why are you stopping? Keep going!

AMY -- Well, you have to decide which way we want to go.

LIZ -- I already told you, I want to get to the big pipes where
we can stand up straight.

AMY -- So, how do we get there?

LIZ -- You're the expert on sewers. You tell me.

AMY -- No. You tell me. When you're in a sewer, how do you get
to a more comfortable place?

LIZ -- Well, I suppose, the sewer pipes get bigger as we go

AMY -- Very good. And how do we know which way is downstream?

LIZ -- (flashes light in all directions) Well, I suppose,
downstream is the direction the sewage is flowing.

AMY -- So, you think that in order to get more comfortable in
the sewer, we should go with the flow?

LIZ -- Yes. And hurry. My back is killing me.

AMY -- Okay. (crosses a few more steps) Well, here we are.
(stands straight)

LIZ -- (follows, stands straight, rubs own lower back) None too
soon. Oh this is much better.

AMY -- Is it really?

LIZ -- Yes. Much more comfortable.

AMY -- Yes, but did you notice what else has changed?

LIZ -- Listen, I've had just about enough of sewer exploration.
Can you please tell me why you brought me down here?

AMY -- Sure. Just tell me what else changed when we got to the
place in the sewer where we were more comfortable.

LIZ -- The sewage is deeper. Now, can you please tell me why you
brought me down here?

AMY -- Being in a sewer is a lot like living in sin, isn't it?

LIZ -- (long pause) Who told you?

AMY -- It doesn't matter how I found out. So, what do you think?
(motions broadly to the surroundings)

LIZ -- Alright. I'll admit it.  Sin IS like a sewer. It didn't
start out that way. It started out as fun. But the more I did
it, the more I had to keep it in the dark.

AMY -- (holds arms wide, condescending) But you had an unlimited
number of options, didn't you?

LIZ -- Yes, just like a sewer. But they all had a stench. But
it's amazing how easily I got used to the stench.

AMY -- And to get more comfortable, you went with the flow.

LIZ -- I didn't even realize that the sewage was getting deeper. 
All I remember was that going with the flow made it easier. 
After while the pain went away.

AMY -- Was there more pleasure?

LIZ -- I pretended there was. But I was trapped in the darkness.
People aren't meant to live like this. Can we go now?

AMY -- Sure. How do we get out of here?

LIZ -- Oh, please don't tell me we're lost!

AMY -- No. I'm trying to tell you that you get out of sin the
same way you get out of the sewer.

LIZ -- (shines flashlight around on ceiling) Look up and find
the light.

AMY -- Exactly.

LIZ -- (points to ceiling near exit) There. I see the light.

AMY -- Let's go. (exits)

LIZ -- (follows) Did I mention that it stinks down here?
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