SERVANT  5'?m2f Ministry, discipleship, servant, leadership

LIZ -- (enters staggering, holding head) Wo! What hit me?

AMY -- (enters opposite, sings) Hello. Welcome. (rushes) Can I
give you a hand?

LIZ -- Listen, you may not believe this, but I haven't had a
thing to drink...

AMY -- I know you haven't.

LIZ -- ...but I have no idea where I am...

AMY -- It seems a little strange at first. But you'll get used
to it.

LIZ -- ...I mean, I don't know how to explain this, but, well,
YOU look familiar. But this place... I've never been here
before... At least, I don't think so.

AMY -- No. You haven't.

LIZ -- I DO know you, don't I? I mean, you look familiar.

AMY -- Yes, Liz, you do know me. My name is Amy Williams.

LIZ -- Amy Williams. Amy Williams. Listen, you're definitely
going to think I've been drinking, but I assure you I don't

AMY -- No. I know that.

LIZ -- ...But, well, maybe I got a concussion or something.
Because the only Amy Williams I know was killed in a car crash
over a year ago....

AMY -- Yes, well...

LIZ -- ...And you may think I'm crazy, but you look exactly like

AMY -- That's because I AM her.

LIZ -- (chuckles) That's impossible. She's dead! (gasps) Oh,
no! (looks around) This is like an episode of that TV show,
TWILIGHT ZONE. I must be unconscious or something. I must be

AMY -- You're not dreaming, Liz. I'm the Amy Williams you know.

LIZ -- Well, that can't possibly be. Amy Williams is.... Well,
if you're really her, then, this must be.... And I must be....
Please don't tell me I'm dead.

AMY -- You're dead.

LIZ -- I asked you not to tell me that.

AMY -- I'm sorry. But we're not very big on denial here. That
would be dishonest.

LIZ -- Then, this is... Heaven.

AMY -- You died in a car crash too, just moments ago.

LIZ -- Now, I remember. I was in a hurry. I was putting on my
seat belt while I was driving. Oh, my Dad is going to be so mad
that I ruined his car!

AMY -- Believe me, Liz, right now, his car is the last thing on
your Dad's mind. He really loved you.

LIZ -- So, I'm really in heaven.

AMY -- You're really going to like it here.

LIZ -- So, you're, like, my angel?

AMY -- No. That's a big myth. Angels are created as angels, and
people remain people when they get to heaven. I'm just you're

LIZ -- My supervisor.

AMY -- Yes, it's my job to get you acclimatized to your new
surroundings and to find you a ministry here in Heaven.

LIZ -- So, you're my supervisor?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You don't have any experience as a supervisor. I mean, no
disrespect or anything, but you were never in any clubs at
school, were you?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- So, you didn't hold any elective offices like me. I mean,
I've been president or vice-president of every class since I was
in sixth grade.

AMY -- I know. I always looked up to you.

LIZ -- So, you never supervised anyone in your whole life, but
they made you a supervisor here in Heaven?

AMY -- THEY didn't. HE did. (points up)

LIZ -- Well, if He made YOU a supervisor, he'll probably make ME
a manager or a director or something.

AMY -- Well, actually, He doesn't have you scheduled for any
kind of leadership here in Heaven at all.

LIZ -- I... I don't get it. What qualifies YOU to be a
supervisor? All I ever saw you do is wait on tables and scrub
floors. No offense.

AMY -- None taken.

LIZ -- So, tell me. What qualifies YOU to be a supervisor?

AMY -- Waiting on tables and scrubbing floors.

LIZ -- You're kidding!

AMY -- Jesus said, "whoever wants to become great among you must
be your servant"

LIZ -- He didn't mean that LITERALLY, did he?

AMY -- Apparently.

LIZ -- So, how many people do you supervise?

AMY -- 3500.

LIZ -- 3500!?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- That's unbelievable! There is no way one person can
supervise 3500 people.

AMY -- You're right. One person can't do it alone. But one
person and the Holy Spirit can do anything, especially here in
Heaven. That's why I don't need experience in leadership. All
I need is experience in obedience and experience in reliance
on the Lord.

LIZ -- Oh. I guess that's why I'm not going to be a supervisor
here. I was so competent as a leader on earth, I hardly ever
relied on the Lord to help me. And I was so busy getting things
done, I never even asked the Lord what I should do, except when
there was a crisis.

AMY -- Yeah, well, that's all behind us now. (points back to own
exit) Let's get you started in a ministry here. (guides Liz to

LIZ -- Say, I always fantasized about singing the "Hallelujah
Chorus" in the Heavenly Choir...

AMY -- Actually, after listening to you singing in the shower
this morning, the Lord wants me to get you started at something

LIZ -- What else?

AMY -- Anything else.

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