SEPARATE 4'?m3f Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?

(light cue: dim to 50%)

GUARD -- (enters with hand on LIZ's elbow) Yeah, yeah, I've
heard it all before. You're innocent as a newborn baby.

LIZ -- But I'm telling you! I've been falsely accused!

GUARD -- Yeah, right, that's what they all say. Now get in
there. (pushes Liz, exits)

LIZ -- Why won't anybody listen to me?

(sound cue: iron gates slam shut)

LIZ -- (shouts) Will somebody please listen to me?! Somebody?!
Anybody?! (cries)

AMY -- (enters opposite) What are you in for?

LIZ -- (gasps, backs away) What do you want?

AMY -- Relax. I just asked you a question.

LIZ -- What question?

AMY -- I asked you what you're in for.

LIZ -- Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap. I... I've had kind
of a bad day. I was shopping at this store, minding my own
business. I couldn't find a sales person to save my soul. I was
on my lunch hour so I didn't have much time. I couldn't find
what I was looking for. Then, just as I was ready to give up, a
sales person finally asked me if she could help me. So I told
her what I was looking for and she said "Sure it's right over
here." Well, after ten more minutes of pawing and poking she
finally admitted what I already knew, that it was not in stock. 
By this time I was past my lunch hour, so I ran out the door, 
only to be stopped cold by this policeman who arrested me. So, 
now I'm not only late getting back from my lunch hour, I'm AWOL. 
And they won't let me call my boss. I'm probably going to get 
fired. That is, I'm going to get fired if I ever get out of 

AMY -- I asked you what you're in for.

LIZ -- Oh. Shoplifting. Can you imagine that?! Shoplifting! Me!

AMY -- Did you do it?

LIZ -- Well, of course I didn't do it! I wasn't carrying
anything when I left the store! So, how could I be shoplifting
if I wasn't carrying anything! But do they understand that
logic?! Of course not! Just because you're not carrying any
merchandise doesn't mean you weren't shoplifting! Do you know
what they did? They strip searched me!

AMY -- I'm sorry. That must have been embarrassing.

LIZ -- This is the most embarrassing day of my life. And do you
know what's worse?

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- I'm a Christian. Where is God when you need him?

AMY -- You think God deserted you?

LIZ -- Look around. Do you see any sign of God?

AMY -- What kind of sign are you looking for?

LIZ -- Any sign. Any sign at all. Look at this place! I'm behind
two twelve-foot high chain-link fences topped with razor wire
and guarded by guards with high-powered rifles, solid concrete
walls and floors that must be a foot thick. I went through three
different steel doors to get down here. No windows, no chairs.
Look at this place! Do you see any sign of God?

AMY -- Well,...

LIZ -- Not unless your delusional.

AMY -- You know, NOTHING can separate us from the love of
Christ. (exits when cell door opens)

LIZ -- Nothing?

(sound cue: cell door opening)

GUARD -- Okay. This is your lucky day. You can go.

LIZ -- Nice sense of humor.

GUARD -- I'm not kidding. The department store security tapes
confirmed your story.

LIZ -- You mean, it WAS a case of mistaken identity.

GUARD -- The perpetrator looks enough like you to be your twin.
And she is now in custody. You're free to go.

LIZ -- Good. What about her? (points toward Amy)

GUARD -- What about who?

LIZ -- The girl that was in the cell with me. (turns
circle) Where did she go?

GUARD -- Nobody else was assigned to this cell.

LIZ -- "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?"

GUARD -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- (exiting backward, looking around) Nothing.

GUARD -- (looks around) Nothing. (backs to exit, looking around)

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