SECURE   3'?m2f Eternal security: Can I lose my salvation?

(scene: couch or three chairs facing audience)

LIZ -- (enters, sits, picks up TV remote control, points at
audience back wall, pushes button, looks bored, changes channels
several times, disgusted, turns TV off, stares at TV while
day-dreaming, while holding remote control)

AMY -- (enters, glances at TV and Liz repeatedly, sits, glances
at TV and Liz repeatedly) Good program!

LIZ -- Huh?

AMY -- Good program!

LIZ -- Huh?

AMY -- What's this program about?

LIZ -- Huh? (revives) Program?

AMY -- I missed the first part. What's it all about?

LIZ -- (looks down at remote control in hand, looks up to TV,
then over to Amy) The TV is not even turned on! Oh. (puts down
TV remote control, resumes day-dreaming)

AMY -- (mimics) E. equals M. C. squared.

LIZ -- (revives) Very Funny.

AMY -- What are you in such deep thought about?

LIZ -- How do you know that you won't lose your salvation?

AMY -- (looks repeatedly to TV and to Liz) Deep. Very deep.

LIZ -- I'm serious! How do you know?

AMY -- Do you still owe me $40?

LIZ -- What does that have to do....

AMY -- Just answer the question. Do you still owe me $40?

LIZ -- Well, no, I don't think so.

AMY -- Why do you say "I don't think so?"

LIZ -- Because last Christmas one of your gifts to me was to
cancel that debt. Are you going to renege?....

AMY -- No. I'm not going to renege. I cancelled your debt. But,
tell me, did you do anything to deserve it?

LIZ -- Well, no. I guess I didn't. As I remember, just before
Christmas, you and I had a big fight. You were mad at me when
you cancelled my debt. But I don't understand what that has to
do with losing my salvation?

AMY -- You'll see in just a moment. But, tell me, do you think I
will ever change my mind and insist that you pay me the $40?

LIZ -- (tilts head) Well, if you were mad when you cancelled my
debt, I suppose you'd have to be furious with me to cancel your
cancellation. So, I guess it's not very likely that you'd try to
collect. But this relates to losing your salvation... how?

AMY -- Your salvation is just the cancellation of your debt to

LIZ -- Oh, I suppose it is.

AMY -- Did you do anything to deserve it?

LIZ -- No. Actually, I guess God was mad at me when he cancelled
my debt. I would be if I was him.

AMY -- So, if you didn't do anything to deserve it, do you think
you can do anything to lose it?

LIZ -- No, I suppose not.

AMY -- So, what it boils down to is God's decision to change his
mind. Doesn't it?

LIZ -- Yes. Aren't you worried about that?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- No?

AMY -- I would never go back on my word to you because I'm a
person of principles and because I love you. Knowing that, do
you think God would change his mind about your debt to him?

LIZ -- No, I suppose not. He loves me even more than you do.

AMY -- That's right and the apostle John promised that you may
KNOW that you have eternal life. Do you think God would break
his promise?

LIZ -- (drops remote control dramatically, stands, exits)
Silly goose. How could you possibly think that a Christian
could possibly lose his salvation?!

AMY -- (follows) Silly me.

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