SCI_FI   6'?m2f The Easter story is better than science fiction

AMY -- (enters, crosses to computer desk DC) Alright, let's get

LIZ -- (follows reluctantly) I changed my mind. I don't want to
be a screen writer anymore. I'm not cut out for this. I think 
I'll go back to writing pulp fiction.

AMY -- (points to chair in front of computer) Sit!

LIZ -- (sighs) But...

AMY -- Look. They signed us for thirteen episodes and we have
only written eight. Now, sit!

LIZ -- (sits) Alright. But I haven't had a good idea for three

AMY -- That's why we make such a good team. When you have a dry
spell, I get in the groove. You've just got to relax and enjoy
it. You'll get back into the groove.

LIZ -- (sighs) Alright. You got any ideas?

AMY -- You're really going to like this episode. It's about this 
person who creates a sentient android, and....

LIZ -- Wait a minute. A sentient android? Are you ripping this
off from Star Trek?

AMY -- No, this is really different.

LIZ -- (types) Alright, let's hear the outline.

AMY -- Okay, so this person creates androids that are not only
sentient but they have a free will.

LIZ -- (types) will...

AMY -- Yes, AND he invents a way to have them reproduce.

LIZ -- (types) Oh, I like this already. Go on.

AMY -- He puts these androids on an isolated planet and gives
them an operations manual which spells out in great detail their
purpose for living and what to do to achieve success on their
new planet.

LIZ -- (types) Good. Now were ready to set up the conflict.

AMY -- The conflict is kind of obvious. The creator has given
his androids a free will. So, of course, they choose to ignore
virtually everything in the operations manual and they run

LIZ -- How about this? Since they can reproduce, some of the
androids develop characteristics which allow them to dominate
the rest of the androids.

AMY -- Good. Write that down.

LIZ -- (types) And the dominant androids are the ones who stray
the farthest from their purpose for being.

AMY -- Yes. So, now the creator has to decide whether to wipe
out the entire android population, or try to save some of them
who are worth saving.

LIZ -- How about a plague virus that attacks only the dominant

AMY -- I don't think so. First of all, this creator is a
benevolent person. He doesn't want to throw the baby out with
the bath water. And second, there might be some dominant
androids who still have some loyalty to the creator.

LIZ -- Where are you going with this?

AMY -- I was thinking that the creator himself could go down to
their planet, occupy the body of an android, and remind the
androids of their purpose.

LIZ -- (types) Perfect set-up for conflict! Then, the dominant
androids try to knock him off.

AMY -- Bingo. But first, the creator has to prove that he's not
just another android.

LIZ -- (types) He tells the androids things that only the
creator could know and does things that only the creator could

AMY -- This is better than pulp fiction, isn't it?

LIZ -- I'm sorry. You know how I get when I'm in a dry spell. Go

AMY -- Okay, so the creator does some things to prove that he's
the creator and gives the androids a chance to choose loyalty or

LIZ -- (types) Then, wham! He lowers the boom on the bad guys!

AMY -- No. Remember, the creator is a compassionate person. His
purpose on THIS visit is to save them, not to judge them. But,
he does want to leave the androids with a memorable event that
will prove that he is really the creator.

LIZ -- I still like the gene-specific virus.

AMY -- I was thinking that the creator would be more consistent
with his own nature if he himself died for his loyal followers.

LIZ -- (types) Wow! How dramatic! (stops typing) Oh, wait. If he
dies and they stay alive....

AMY -- Right. So, he not only dies, but he raises from the dead.

LIZ -- (types) ...Positive proof that he is who he said he is! I
like it! I like it a lot! (points to the screen) Okay, let's go
back up here to the death of the creator. What do you think? A
big, highly publicized suicide?

AMY -- No. First of all, a resurrection after a suicide would
look fake. We have to have a death that leaves no doubt that
he's really dead.

LIZ -- (types) What if he's murdered by the....

BOTH - Dominant androids.

AMY -- Exactly. That way it would look for awhile like the
dominant androids won the battle AND everyone would know that
his death was not fake.

LIZ -- (types) That means we need overkill for the murder. How
about both shooting and stabbing?

AMY -- How about something even more gruesome? How about
torture, suffocation and stabbing?

LIZ -- (types) Good. And just so that everyone can see the
murder, they make it look like a fair trial and public execution.

AMY -- Good. Very good.

LIZ -- (types) Okay. We've killed him off. Now we set up the

AMY -- I thought we should leave him in the grave long enough
for the body to begin decomposing.

LIZ -- (types) Good. Let's say three days in the grave. That
also sets up hopelessness even among his loyal followers. How
about if we increase the hopelessness by sealing up his tomb?

AMY -- Yes, but why would anyone want to seal up the tomb of a
dead android?

LIZ -- (points to screen) What if way back here, while he's
still alive, the creator predicts in advance that he will be
murdered and rise from the dead?

AMY -- Perfect! Write it down! And while we're at it, let's have
the dominant androids post armed guards outside the tomb.

LIZ -- (types) They think they're preventing the loyal androids
from stealing the body and making it look like a resurrection...

AMY -- ...but they're really setting up a more dramatic

LIZ -- (types) Okay, so, after being dead for three days, the
creator rises dramatically from the tomb ...

AMY -- ...and, of course, the dominant androids tell everybody
that the loyal androids stole the body.

LIZ -- (types) But, of course, nobody believes them, because
they painted themselves into a corner with all their security
precautions. Now, the ending...

AMY -- To demonstrate to all that he raised from the dead, the
risen creator shows himself to hundreds of androids over several

LIZ -- (types) ...then in one final show of power he levitates
off the planet in full view of dozens of people.

AMY -- Oh, that's good! That's real good. Okay, we're ready to
go back to the beginning and start writing dialogue.

LIZ -- (long pause, reflects)

AMY -- What's the matter? Why aren't you typing?

LIZ -- This is a real good story. But I'm sure I've heard it
before. Are you sure this isn't a rip-off of Star Trek?

AMY -- In all modesty, this is a really clever plot line. I
doubt that even the Star Trek writers could have thought of this
one. (exiting) But, to be on the safe side, let's go check the
Star Trek script archives.

LIZ -- (follows) I know I've heard this story somewhere before.

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