SAVIOR   6'2m0f Cults: salvation by works or a savior, not both

(knock, knock, knock)

MAN -- (from offstage) Come on in. It's open.

BOY -- (enters cautiously, looks around) Hello? 

MAN -- (enters opposite) Oh, hi. You must be Brandon.

BOY -- Yes. Uh huh.

MAN -- (extends hand) Hi, Brandon, I'm Amy's father.

BOY -- (shakes) Nice to meet you, Mr Johnson.

MAN -- (points over shoulder) She'll be out in a minute. I told 
her I wanted to talk to you first. I...

BOY -- Oh, you don't have to worry, me, Mr Johnson. I'm not one 
of those kind of guys.

MAN -- I'm sure you're a very nice person, Brandon. But I don't 
allow my daughter date non-Christian boys.

BOY -- Well, I'm a Christian.

MAN -- You are?

BOY -- Yes.

MAN -- A Christian?

BOY -- Yes. I go to church.

MAN -- Good. Have you made any kind of a commitment to Jesus?

BOY -- A commitment? I'm not sure what you mean. Listen, if 
you're worried about me and Amy, I....

MAN -- ...I'm not worried about you and Amy. I'm worried about 

BOY -- What do you mean?

MAN -- I mean Jesus allowed himself to be tortured and killed 
for you. But you haven't made any kind of commitment to him?

BOY -- ...Well, Jesus is just one way to get to Heaven. If 
you're a good person,...

MAN -- ....So, you don't believe that Jesus is the savior?

BOY -- Well, sure. 

MAN -- What did he save?

BOY -- Excuse me?

MAN -- I asked you, if you believe that Jesus is the savior, 
what exactly did he save?

BOY -- He saved the whole world.

MAN -- So, you believe that Adolf Hitler is going to Heaven?

BOY -- Well, no. I guess not.

MAN -- So, he didn't save the WHOLE world. What exactly did he 

BOY -- He saved the good people. Yeah, that's it. He saved the 
good people!

MAN -- From what?

BOY -- Excuse me?

MAN -- If Jesus only saved the good people, what did he save 
them from?

BOY -- I don't understand the question.

MAN -- You said he saved the good people.

BOY -- Yeah.

MAN -- But if they were good, they don't really need to be 
saved, do they?

BOY -- Well, no. I guess not.

MAN -- So, Jesus really isn't the savior at all. He allowed 
himself to be tortured and killed for nothing. Is that how you 
see it?

BOY -- I don't know. I never thought about it like that before. 
But I guess that's right. I guess if you're good, you don't need 
a savior.

MAN -- Then, it kind of looks like Jesus is a chump. I'm mean 
what fool would allow himself to be tortured and killed for 

BOY -- That's what I mean when I say that there is more than one 
way to get to Heaven.

MAN -- Yes, but why would YOU want to go there? 

BOY -- Excuse me?

MAN -- If Jesus is stupid enough to get himself killed for 
nothing, it looks like Heaven is a place for fools.

BOY -- Mr Johnson, if you don't want me to date your daughter, I 

MAN -- ...You're missing my point, Brandon. You called yourself 
a Christian, but Christians are people who believe that Jesus is 
their savior. But you think your can get to heaven without a 
savior. That means you're not really a Christian.

BOY -- But I believe that Jesus is the son of God.

MAN -- So does Satan. His demons acknowledged Jesus as the son 
of God several times in the Bible.

BOY -- Oh. 

MAN -- But, like you, they never acknowledged Jesus as THEIR 

BOY -- Well, I'm not a demon.

MAN -- No, but I don't think you realize how badly you need a 

BOY -- You're right I don't. I'm a good person.

MAN -- And you think a good person is one who does more good 
deeds than bad deeds?

BOY -- Well, sure.

MAN -- Are you aware that nowhere in the Bible does it say that 
doing good deeds somehow wipes out your bad deeds?

BOY -- It doesn't?

MAN -- You can look for yourself. You won't find it.

BOY -- Well, my bad deeds aren't all that bad.

MAN -- No, you're right. They're probably not that bad compared 
to Hitler. But the problem is, you won't be compared to Hitler.

BOY -- Well, who will I be compared to then?

MAN -- When you're in heaven, you'll be living with God. He's 
absolutely perfect and can't stand to be around sin or sinful 
people.  That means if you ever stole a pencil, you can't go to 
Heaven. If you accidentally walked off with a pencil and didn't 
return it to it's owner, you can't go to Heaven. If you ever 
disobeyed your parents, you can't go to Heaven. If you ever 
showed any disrespect for your parents, you can't go to Heaven. 
If you ever cheated, you can't go to Heaven. If you even thought 
about ways to steal something without getting caught, you can't 
go to Heaven.

BOY -- And doing good deeds doesn't count for anything?

MAN -- It counts for something, but not for getting to Heaven.

BOY -- Well, then NOBODY could ever make it. Everybody makes a 
mistake once in a while.

MAN -- That's right. God's only provision for sin was the 
shedding of innocent blood. In the Old Testament, the Jewish 
priests slaughtered innocent animals for the forgiveness of sin. 
You got any Jewish priests doing that for you?

BOY -- No. Of course not. But that... (realization) that's why 
Jesus let himself be killed. He wasn't a chump or a fool. He had 
to shed innocent blood for our sins.... my sins... mine. He's 
the savior.... MY savior.

MAN -- That's what he intended.

BOY -- Oh, wow! I had no idea! Well, how do I.... You know, how 
do I make Jesus MY savior? Is there some kind of ceremony or 
ritual or something?

MAN -- All you have to do is acknowledge to Jesus that you NEED 
a savior and receive Jesus' death as payment for your sins. Most 
people do that with a simple prayer. (guides Boy to exit) Amy 
can help you with that.

BOY -- You mean, you're going to let me date your daughter?

MAN -- Well, I only let my daughter date CHRISTIAN boys.

BOY -- You mean boys like me who see a need for a savior?

(both exit)

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