RACE     4'?m6f Confession: the key to lightening your load

STARTER -- (enters with starting gun raised) Take your mark.

HOLY -- (enters opposite wearing running clothes) 

(Other runners follow wearing running clothes, carrying large 
plastic bags stuffed with crumpled newspapers and labeled with 
large signs with their own names)

STARTER -- Get set.

(all runners sling bags over shoulder, crouch anticipating 

GRUDGE -- Hey, wait a minute!

GUILT -- Yeah, hold on a minute!

STARTER -- Stand up.

(all runners stand, bend and flex legs)

STARTER -- Alright, what is it? We have a race to run here.

GRUDGE -- Yeah, but (points at Holy) she's not carrying 

GUILT -- Yeah, that's not fair!

STARTER -- What's not fair? The rule book doesn't require 
runners to run the race while carrying anything.

GUILT -- But it's not a fair race if we all have to carry a load 
while she gets to run without one.

STARTER -- Well, then, why don't you put your loads down and run 
without them?

GRUDGE -- Oh, I could never do that!

GUILT -- Me, either.

STARTER -- Why not?

GRUDGE -- Well, if I drop my grudge even for a second, it means 
that the person I have a grudge against will get away with what 
he did.

GUILT -- There is no way I could drop my guilt. It's my payment 
for things I've done wrong. 

ANGER -- If I drop my anger, I don't have any excuse to get 
even with the person who did me wrong.

REGRET -- I've got to keep carrying my regrets. It's the only 
way I can keep people from getting angry and disappointed with 
me again.

GRUDGE -- So, how come she (points) gets by without carrying 

GUILT -- Yeah. How come? 

ALL -- It's not fair.

STARTER -- Listen, I don't see how you can all expect to run a 
race while carrying such large loads. Maybe you should all do 
something else.

GRUDGE -- No! We're supposed to run the race. Apostle Paul says 
we're supposed to run the race.

GUILT -- That's right. Paul says we're supposed to run the race 
to win the prize.

STARTER -- Well, I've got news for you. You'll never win this 
race carrying such large loads.

GUILT -- It's not fair. How does she get by without carrying a 

STARTER -- Yeah, how about that? How is that you get by without 
carrying a load?

HOLY -- I'm a Christian.

GRUDGE -- Well, so am I.

GUILT -- Me too.

REGRET -- Me too.

ANGER -- Me too. We're all Christians.

STARTER -- Christians shouldn't be carrying such big loads, 
should they?

HOLY -- I don't think so.

STARTER -- Don't you ever carry a load?

HOLY -- I used to.

ALL -- You did?

HOLY -- But I found out I didn't HAVE to carry my own load.

GRUDGE -- You mean, you can get someone else to carry it for 

HOLY -- Sure.

ALL -- Who?

HOLY -- Jesus.

GUILT -- You're kidding.

HOLY -- It's why he died.

GRUDGE -- That's where you're wrong, pal. Jesus died for our 
sins, not for our loads.

HOLY -- Anything that weighs you down IS a sin.

GUILT -- How could guilt be wrong if it reminds me not to sin 

HOLY -- Because by relying on your guilt to keep you from 
sinning you don't rely on the Holy Spirit.

GRUDGE -- There's no way carrying a grudge could be sin. 

HOLY -- Yes, it is. By relying on your grudge to get even, you 
don't rely on the Lord. Scripture says "It is mine to avenge. I 
will repay says the Lord."

REGRET -- Well, if regret keeps me from disappointing people, it 
can't be a sin.

HOLY -- Relying on regret keeps you from relying on God.

ANGER -- Alright. I get the picture. There's no way I can 
justify carrying a load of anger.

GRUDGE -- So, how do we get rid of these heavy loads?

ANGER -- Yeah, how?

HOLY -- Confess it. 

REGRET -- Confess it?

HOLY -- Yes. Confess it and let Jesus carry your load.

GUILT -- You sure that's how it works?

HOLY -- It worked for me. 

GRUDGE -- What do we have to lose but our loads?

ANGER -- Listen, I've never confessed before could you...?

HOLY -- (to Starter) Listen, would you mind if we delayed the 
race for a few minutes while we go find a quiet place (points 
offstage) to confess our sins?

(all runners exit)

STARTER -- (follows) Not at all. In fact, if you don't mind, I 
have a few sins of my own to unload.
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