PROOF    2'?m2f Bad argument against the existence of God

AMY -- (enters)

LIZ -- (follows) Hey, Christian.

AMY -- (stops, turns) My name is Amy.

LIZ -- Yeah, but you're a Christian.

AMY -- Yes, I am.

LIZ -- How can you believe in such tripe?!

AMY -- Because there's lots of evidence to believe.

LIZ -- Oh, yeah! Well, if God exists, let him strike me dead
within five seconds.

AMY -- (turns to exit) Oh, brother!

LIZ -- (follows) Wait a minute! Aren't you going to hang around
and see if God strikes me dead?

AMY -- (stops, turns) No. (turns to exit)

LIZ -- (follows) Why not?

AMY -- (stops, turns) Because that's not a very good way to
prove that God exists.

LIZ -- Yes, it is. I'm still alive, aren't I?

AMY -- I would have to scan for brain waves to be sure.

LIZ -- Hey, was that an insult?!

AMY -- What I'm trying to tell you is that just because God has
the ability to do something doesn't mean he'll do it just to
prove his existence to you.

LIZ -- Maybe not. But why wouldn't he?

AMY -- If YOU exist, you'll give me $5 within five seconds.

LIZ -- No! I'm not going to do that!

AMY -- Then YOU don't exist.

LIZ -- I don't have to give you anything to prove I exist!

AMY -- Neither does God.

LIZ -- Well, there's plenty of evidence that I exist, I don't
have to prove anything.

AMY -- The same is true for God. If you have an open mind, there
is already ample evidence to prove it to you. God doesn't have 
to jump through your hoops to prove it to you. But if you've 
already decided that God does not exist, no amount of evidence 
will be adequate to convince you. I dare say that if your heart 
stopped in five seconds, you would attribute it to natural 
causes and coincidence.

LIZ -- Okay, so where's the evidence?

AMY -- In the Bible. In the design of the universe. In the
flawless predictions made and fulfilled by God.

LIZ -- You don't believe that stuff do you?

AMY -- How much evidence do you need?

LIZ -- Give me a miracle or there's no way I can believe in God!

AMY -- Give me five bucks or there's no way I can believe in

LIZ -- No way.

AMY -- (exiting) I would have sworn there was a person standing
there, but without five dollars, there's no way I can be sure.

LIZ -- (exiting opposite) Very funny!

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