PRAYER   5'1m1f The Lord's prayer spoken to the Lord

AMY -- (enters, kneels, clasps hands) Our Father, who art in 
Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

GOD -- (voiceover) Thank you.

AMY -- (looks around) Who said that?

GOD -- Who were you talking to?

AMY -- God. (pause, looks up) God?

GOD -- Yes.

AMY -- (looks around) You're kidding, right? I mean, this is a 
put-on, right?

GOD -- Don't you want to talk to me?

AMY -- Well, sure, but.... well, I never really expected to talk 
to you.

GOD -- Obviously.

AMY -- What do you mean?

GOD -- You were repeating an old prayer that you could say in 
your sleep. And you weren't even thinking about the words.

AMY -- Well, sure I was.

GOD -- What does HALLOWED mean?

AMY -- Hallowed, you know.

GOD -- I know. I was the one who gave you the prayer. But what 
does HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME mean to you?

AMY -- Can I have a hint?

GOD -- What is the third commandment from Exodus 20?

AMY -- Ah, let's see. (mumbles) You shall have no... You shall 
not make... (aloud) I know, you shall not misuse the name of the 
Lord. So?

GOD -- So, do you misuse the name of the Lord?

AMY -- Lord knows I've never.... Oh, I just did it, didn't I?

GOD -- Yes.

AMY -- I.... I'm sorry. You must really hate people who misuse 
your name like that.

GOD -- No, Amy, I love people who misuse my name. What I hate is 
the sin. Cheapening my name is a sin.

AMY -- I'm sorry.

GOD -- Would you like some help with that sin, Amy?

AMY -- Yes.

GOD -- That's what you asked for when you prayed "Hallowed be 
your name." But rather than rattling off a prayer in 400 year 
old English, why don't you just ask for help in your own words?

AMY -- Lord, I really need your help to keep from cheapening 
your name. I'm at my worst when I'm around other Christians. I 
banter your name about like I am a prophet: "God knows this" "The 
Lord wants me to do that". I even tell other Christians what to 
do in your name, as if it's a revelation directly from you. I 
don't want to cheapen your name anymore. 

GOD -- That's better. I'll be happy to help you with that. What 
else can I help you with.

AMY -- Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done. Whatever that means.

GOD -- How can you find what my will is?

AMY -- By reading your.... Oh, oh.

GOD -- Did we hit another sore spot?

AMY -- Yes, I need your help with my morning quiet time. I don't 
have a regular time every day to read your word or to pray. It 
just happens when I get the time. Help me to spend time with you 
every day. And help me to keep my mind from the cares of the 
world while I'm reading the Bible and especially when I'm 

GOD -- Yes, Amy, I can help you with that. But there's something 
else, isn't there?

AMY -- Yes. You know that I have been struggling for years 
with... well, you know what it is. I confess it almost every 
time I pray and I still have no hope of getting rid of it. Can 
you help me to do your will?

GOD -- I've been waiting for you to stop struggling with it. My 
strength is best in your weakness.

AMY -- Why do you put up with me?

GOD -- Because you are unique. There's a ministry that I design 
specifically for your interests and your strengths, but 
especially for your weaknesses. But you're useless to me until 
you quit trying to do it on your own. 

AMY -- You know, I have been so busy trying to please you that I 
don't have time to really let you work in my life.

GOD -- What does "Give us this day our daily bread" mean to you?

AMY -- It means I have to stop worrying about money. Lord, help 
me to trust you for my daily needs. Do you forgive me for being 
so stubborn?

GOD -- Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who 
trespass against us.

AMY -- Are you saying that you won't forgive me until I forgive 
my mother?

GOD -- Is that an issue for you?

AMY -- You know it is, Lord. But she really hurt me.

GOD -- Amy, how much have I forgiven you?

AMY -- Ouch! Oh, you got me there!

GOD -- You keep committing the same sin over and over and over 
again, yet, every time I hear your confession, I forgive you. 
How many times are you going to beat up your mother for one 
offense against you?

AMY -- You make it sound so petty.

GOD -- Well, is it petty?

AMY -- Compared to what you've forgiven me, it is petty. Lord, 
help me to forgive my Mom. And then I need you to forgive me for 
disrespecting her. I have been so busy making her wrong that I 
never had a chance to admit that I was breaking your command to 
respect my parents. I want to forgive my mom, Lord. Can you help 
me forgive her?

GOD -- I can help you with all those things, Amy. Do you want to 
finish the rest of the Lord's Prayer.

AMY -- You never really intended for us to pray that prayer over 
and over again did you?

GOD -- No. I told my disciples "this is HOW you should pray", 
not "this is WHAT you should pray". The Lord's Prayer was never 
meant to be a ritual. I would much rather have you pour out your 
heart to me, as you just did.

AMY -- Thanks for listening, Lord.

GOD -- You're welcome, Amy. Oh, by the way, you'd better answer 
the phone.

AMY -- But the phone isn't ri.... (phone rings, Amy stands, 
moves to exit) Is this some sort of answer to one of my prayers?

GOD -- It's your mother. She just tried to pray the Lord's 
prayer too. But she didn't finish it either. She's calling to 
say she's sorry.

AMY -- Mom?! (picks up cordless phone, puts it to ear, looks up) 
Thanks, Lord. (exits) Hey, Mom, guess who I just talked to....

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