PRAISE   5'?m2f Music, praise and worship 

(scene: a car interior or two chairs side-by-side)

LIZ -- (enters wearing sunday-best, carrying Bible, purse, opens 
car door, sits behind wheel, starts car, looks over left 
shoulder, pulls away from curb) I wonder what's on talk radio on 
Sunday Morning. (turns on radio)

MOM -- (voiceover) I know where you're going, Elizabeth.

LIZ -- Yes, Mother, I'm going to church.

MOM -- You're going to Starbucks for coffee and a donut again, 
aren't you?

LIZ -- Yes, Mother, I... Wait a minute. (checks rear view 
mirror, looks out all windows) That's my mother's voice.

MOM -- You should go straight to church, you know.

LIZ -- On the radio. (leans forward, listens to radio) My 
mother's voice is coming from the radio! (pokes radio buttons) 

MOM -- I know why you're not going directly to church.

LIZ -- She's on every channel. Mother?

MOM -- You're going to Starbucks so that you'll be late for 

LIZ -- Maybe I'm still in bed, dreaming. This isn't really 
happening. (pokes buttons) How could my mother be on the radio?

MOM -- And I know why you want to be purposely late.

LIZ -- So I won't have to sing. (stops at a stop light)

MOM -- Your voice is not that bad.

LIZ -- Mother, I can't carry a tune in a bucket! What am I 
doing? I'm talking to my radio!

MOM -- You're being too hard on yourself.

LIZ -- Mother, my high school choir director told me not to sing 
during competition because I always caused the choir to go flat. 
He said "Just move your lips". (looks left) Mother, that person 
in the other car thinks I'm talking to myself. (light turns 

MOM -- Your voice is not so bad. But even if it was as bad as 
finger nails on a chalk board, the Lord wants you to sing.

LIZ -- I'm talking to my radio. 

MOM -- In fact, the Lord commands it in the Bible.

LIZ -- How did she get on the radio? I'll bet I'm going to be on 
one of those funniest home video shows... (primps in rear view 
mirror) How do I look? (to self) You look stupid talking to 
the radio, that's how you look. 

MOM -- Elizabeth, the Lord says to praise him and worship him.

LIZ -- Alright, mother, I'll play along. I've always wondered 
about that, anyway. Why does the Lord command us to praise him 
and worship him? If I told the people at school(work) to praise 
me they would think I'm conceited.

MOM -- The Lord deserves our praise, you know. He's perfect and 
you're not. You promised to write to me every day when you went 
away to summer camp. And how many times did you write me?

LIZ -- Mother! I was twelve years old!

MOM -- You wrote me once! On the first day of camp! And I never 
heard from you again until you got home! 

LIZ -- I'm arguing with my car stereo!

MOM -- Which just goes to show you that you're not perfect like 
you sometimes think you are. But God is perfect. So, he can't be 
considered conceited when he asks us to praise and worship him.

LIZ -- (turning car) Alright! Alright! I won't stop at Starbucks 
for coffee and a donut! Are you happy now, Mother?! I'll be at 
church in time to sing.

MOM -- You'll probably just move your lips.

LIZ -- I'll sing! I'll sing already! Listen to me, I yelling at 
my radio! I'll praise and I'll worship! Listen to me. I don't 
even know the difference between praise and worship.

MOM -- When you praise the Lord, you acknowledge who he is. He's 
the only perfect being in the universe.

LIZ -- Yes, Mother.

MOM -- He's the creator of the Universe. He created it out of 
nothing, you know.

LIZ -- Yes, Mother.

MOM -- He's the Savior of your soul.

LIZ -- Yes, M.... My savior!

MOM -- When you worship him, you tell him how much you love him.

LIZ -- I do love him. I shouldn't cut back on my worship of Him 
just because I'm embarrassed by my voice. He says I can make a 
joyful noise, if nothing else.

MOM -- You might even want to thank him for all your blessings.

LIZ -- For all my blessings. Like my mother, right, Mom? (pause) 
Right, Mom? (pause, turning into parking lot) Mom? (pokes radio 
buttons) Mom? (turns off car, gathers things, exits car, shouts 
at radio) Mom? (closes door, turns, surprised) Mother! 

MOM -- (enters wearing Sunday-best) Good morning, Elizabeth. I 
was hoping you would get here in time for the singing.

LIZ -- (startled, looks back to car repeatedly) You mean the 
praise and worship, don't you, Mother?

MOM -- Yes, of course. Elizabeth, are you alright?

LIZ -- (looks back to car repeatedly) You... I... My... (points 
over shoulder at car, pause, grabs Mom's elbow) Let's go praise 
the Lord. (exits with Mom)

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