PORTRAIT 5'?m3f Salvation: value the Son and inherit His estate

(scene: four rows of four chairs facing podium, a few
non-speaking actors fill a few chair in back rows)

LIZ -- (enters wearing business suit, carrying briefcase,
talking on cell phone) Yes, I'm at the church right now. (looks
around) It looks like a rather poor showing. We'll probably get
all the pieces on our list. I'll call you after the auction.
(sits in front row nearest to audience, opens briefcase)

AMY -- (enters wearing cheap clothes, looks around, sits in
second row, taps Liz on shoulder) Excuse me. Is this the funeral
for Forest W. Wentworth?

LIZ -- The funeral was yesterday.

AMY -- Oh, dear. I must have misread the obituary.

LIZ -- You didn't misread it. The local newspaper mixed up the
details between the funeral and the auction.

AMY -- This is an auction?

LIZ -- Yes. Wentworth's executor rented this church to auction
off the furniture and art works from the mansion.

AMY -- Didn't his son inherit his whole estate?

LIZ -- No. I'm told the son took a vow of poverty and became a
missionary to Africa.

AMY -- Oh! I heard that Bobby became a missionary. But I...

LIZ -- You knew the son?

AMY -- Yes. My mother was the housekeeper in the Wentworth
mansion for several years. We lived there. Bobby and I grew up
together. Did you know the Wentworths?

LIZ -- No. I'm a buyer for an antique dealer. I'm here to buy
the furniture and art works.

AMY -- Well, since I missed the funeral, maybe I'll stay (sits)
and watch the auction. Maybe if I see some of his things, it'll
bring back some memories.

JAN -- (enters wearing business suit, crosses to podium) Well,
it looks like a rather poor showing for the auction today.
(looks at watch) Well, it's time. Let's begin. (reaches under
podium, pulls out a framed portrait of a man, displays it) In
compliance with the directions of the deceased, the first item
to be auctioned off today is a portrait of the only son of the
deceased, painted by Forest Wentworth himself. Mr Wentworth did
not specify a minimum bid, so we'll start the bidding at $10.
(pause) Do I hear $10. (pause)

AMY -- (taps Liz) Excuse me?

LIZ -- Yes?

AMY -- Were you planning on bidding on this portrait?

LIZ -- No. It's not on my list.

AMY -- So, you wouldn't mind if I bid on it?

LIZ -- Not at all.

AMY -- (pulls coin purse from pocket, digs through it)

JAN -- Do I hear $10? (pause) $10? (pause) Okay, we'll just set
it aside and...

AMY -- Oh, ah, I'd like to bid. (holds up bill) $10. (looks
around self consciously)

JAN -- Very well. I have a bid of $10. Do I hear an advance on
$10? Do I hear $20? (pause) $15? (pause) $11? (pause) ANY
Advance on $10? (pause) $10 going once. $10 going twice. (pounds
gavel) Sold for ten dollars.

AMY -- (stands, holds out money)

LIZ -- (holds out hand) You can remain seated. They'll collect
your money after the auction.

AMY -- (returns to seat) Oh. I... I've never done this before.

JAN -- This auction is now concluded.

LIZ -- Excuse me?!

JAN -- This auction is closed.

LIZ -- Wait a minute. The Wentworth Estate has been valued in
the hundreds of millions of dollars.

JAN -- That's true. But at the request of Mr Wentworth, the
entire estate is to be awarded to the person who buys the
portrait of his son.

AMY -- You mean, I inherit everything?!

JAN -- Yes.

LIZ -- This is highly irregular!

JAN -- Yes, it is, but...

LIZ -- That portrait of his son is almost worthless!

AMY -- No, it's not! Mr Wentworth painted that portrait himself.
He really loved his son.

LIZ -- That's really beside the point.

JAN -- Actually, according to Mr Wentworth, his love for his son
IS the point.

LIZ -- I don't get it.

JAN -- Apparently, Mr Wentworth became a convert to Christianity
on his death bed.

LIZ -- I still don't see how this changes things.

JAN -- Actually, I don't either.

AMY -- I think I do.

LIZ -- Well, then, I wish you'd explain it to us.

JAN -- Yes, please.

AMY -- This is how it is when a person becomes a Christian.

LIZ -- You're not making any more sense than she did.

AMY -- Bobby Wentworth gave up everything to do God's work in

LIZ -- Yes, I knew that.

AMY -- Well, that's pretty much the same thing that Jesus did to
become a man and do God's work here on Earth.

JAN -- Oh, I see.

LIZ -- I must be dense.

JAN -- I think what Mr Wentworth is trying to say by doing this 
is that if you value the son, you get all the riches and glory 
of the father, just like Jesus and HIS father.

AMY -- ...except that in Heaven there is no limit to the riches
and glory.

LIZ -- You mean he just GIVES it all away?!

AMY -- (takes painting) That's right, if you value the son, you
get the riches of the Father. Isn't that amazing?!

JAN -- Amazing.

LIZ -- Amazing.

JAN -- Well, (point to exit) let's sit you down and have you
sign the transfer papers. (exits)

AMY -- (follows) Oh, sure.

LIZ -- (follows) Explain this Father-Son thing to me again.
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