POLARITY 2'?m1f Monologue: salvation, design, works

(enters carrying D.C. power supply)

They asked me to talk to you about... about living the Christian
life. But, frankly, I'm no theologian or Bible scholar. I'm a
techno-geek. Don't ask me about religion. Ask me about computers
or electronics.

(offers power supply)

Take this power supply for example. There isn't an electronic
gadget in existence that can work without power. I would never 
try to send an email or compose a spreadsheet without first 
plugging in my computer. Yet, some Christians act like they can 
do God's work without God's power. Some people who call
themselves Christians act as if they earn God's love and power
BEFORE they connect with him.

Now, I want you to take a close look at this connector. (offers
connector) You will notice that all electronic gadgets have a
positive and a negative pole and all gadgets need exactly the
right voltage. But, take it from someone who destroyed a
computer, if you aren't careful HOW you connect, at the very
least, you won't get any power and you won't be able to get any
work done. Worst case, you'll destroy everything. Because I was
careless in the way I hooked up to the power source, I instantly
converted an expensive lap-top computer into a paper-weight.

In the same way, if you're not connected to God through a trust
relationship with Jesus Christ, at the very least, you can
expect to get nothing done. At the very worst, you could face
eternal destruction.

So, take it from a techno-geek. Get connected with the power
source. And get connected through Jesus Christ. Without a
careful connection, you could lose a lot more than your data.

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