POISON   5'?m2f The mark of a cult: "The only true church"

LIZ -- (enters excited) Hey, Amy, guess what! (looks around)
Hey, Amy, where are you?!

AMY -- (enters opposite) Oh, there you are! I was worried about
you. Dinner was ready an hour ago. (turns) Come on, it's on the 

LIZ -- No! Wait! You've got to hear this! I found it! I finally
found it!

AMY -- (turns) Found what? No. Don't tell me. You found another

LIZ -- Yes. But this is not just another church. I finally found
the real McCoy.

AMY -- (turns) Tell me about it over dinner.

LIZ -- No. It can't wait. You've got to hear about this church!
This is the one true church!

AMY -- (turns) That's what you say everytime you find a new

LIZ -- I know. But this is REALLY the one!

AMY -- How do you know?

LIZ -- Because they said so. They said that theirs is the one
true church.

AMY -- Oh, brother! (turns) Let's eat.

LIZ -- Wait! Don't you believe me?

AMY -- (turns) Yes. I believe YOU. But I don't believe THEM.

LIZ -- You don't even know what church I'm talking about.

AMY -- No. I don't.

LIZ -- Then, how can you say that they're not the one true 

AMY -- Because they said so.

LIZ -- You're not making any sense.

AMY -- Let's talk about it over dinner.

LIZ -- (stomps) No! Now!

AMY -- (turns) Dinner is getting cold.

LIZ -- You just insulted my new church without knowing anything
about it!

AMY -- But I DO know something about it. (turns, exits)

LIZ -- What do you know about this church? Wait a minute! Where
are you going?! (follows slowly, stops, stomps) I am not eating
until you apologize!

AMY -- (reenters carrying a glass of dark liquid, offers it)
Here, drink this.

LIZ -- What is it?

AMY -- It's just pure, clean, refreshing bottled water.

LIZ -- No it isn't. It's... It's yukky!

AMY -- Oh, I just added one little tiny drop of poison.

LIZ -- Poison?!

AMY -- Yes, but it's just one little itsy bitsy drop. Go ahead
and drink it.

LIZ -- No! I won't drink this! And why are you changing the

AMY -- I'm not changing the subject. I'm making a point about
your new church.

LIZ -- What point is that?

AMY -- When you start with the pure, true, refreshing gospel of
Jesus, it only takes a little, tiny drop of poison to turn it 
into something deadly.

LIZ -- Poison? What kind of poison?

AMY -- When a church says they're the one true church, they've
added a drop of poison to the gospel.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- Any church that CLAIMS to be the "one true church" can't
possibly BE the "one true church".

LIZ -- How can you say that?

AMY -- Does this new church of yours claim to be a Christian

LIZ -- Well, of course! But how can you say that they can't
possibly be the one true church merely because they claim to be
the one true church?

AMY -- Because the Bible tells us over and over that Jesus is
the ONLY savior. It says that "there is no other name under
heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

LIZ -- I don't see the poison.

AMY -- The gospel says that it's Jesus who saves you. But this
new church of your says it's the church that saves you. So,
which is it?

LIZ -- Can't it be both?

AMY -- Sure! We'll just change the Bible a little and make it
read. "There are TWO names under heaven by which men must be
saved: Jesus and..." what did you say the name of the church is?

LIZ -- I'm not sure if I should tell you now.

AMY -- As long as we're changing the Bible, let's say that there 
are THREE names by which men must be saved. Let's say that it's 
Jesus and their church AND water baptism that saves you.

LIZ -- How did you know what they said about water baptism?!
Say, did you follow me over to that church?

AMY -- No. But a church who adds one drop of poison to the
gospel of Jesus usually adds other poisons too, like, not only
do you have to be baptized, but you have to be baptized by
someone from THEIR church and they have to say exactly the right
words during the baptism....

LIZ -- Wow. It's like you're reading his notes! So, you DO know
this church!

AMY -- No. I just know about cults.

LIZ -- Cults! Are you saying this church is a cult?!

AMY -- Any church that denies a person is saved by faith alone
in Jesus alone is a cult. If their people put their trust in a
church to save them instead of Jesus, they're probably not even

LIZ -- Oh, man! I thought this was the one!

AMY -- See what happens when you add just one drop of poison to
something pure and refreshing?

LIZ -- (glances briefly at glass, hands it to Amy, exits) Well,
I don't want anything to do with poison. I'll stick with the
pure gospel. Say, I'm starved! Isn't dinner ready yet?

AMY -- (pauses with glass, shrugs, exits)
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