PEACE2   6'?m2f Salvation: Peace that surpasses understanding

(scene: chair and end table with lamp and telephone) 
(light cue: dim to 50%, lamp on)

LIZ -- (enters wearing pajamas, robe and slippers, reading book,
listening to walkman, carrying a bowl of snack food, sits,
reads, hums tune)

(sound cue: phone rings)

AMY -- (from offstage) I've got it.

LIZ -- Leave it. At this hour it's probably a wrong number or a
crank call.

AMY -- (enters wearing pajamas and slippers, tying robe) I think
I know who it is. (picks up phone) Hello. I thought it might be

LIZ -- Who in the world is calling at this hour?! Doesn't he
have any idea what time it is?

AMY -- (to phone) Do you have any idea what time it is?

LIZ -- Somebody died! I just know it!

AMY -- (signals for silence, speaks to phone) Yes, I've already
done that. All the loose ends are tied up.

LIZ -- Who is it?

AMY -- (signals for silence, speaks to phone) You don't have to
worry about the presentation. No, you won't be embarrassed --
unless of course you fall asleep during the meeting for lack of

LIZ -- Is that your boss again?! Doesn't she have a life?!

AMY -- (signals for silence, speaks to phone) Listen, Mrs
Osborne, you try to get some rest. You need to be at your best
tomorrow. And leave the rest to me.

LIZ -- What a jerk! What kind of person calls her employees at
one o'clock in the morning?!

AMY -- (signals for silence, speaks to phone) Yes, I'll see you
in the morning. And don't worry. We've got everything taken care
of. Sweet dreams. (hangs up)

LIZ -- What's the matter with that woman?! Doesn't she have a

AMY -- (kneels, folds hands, bows head)

LIZ -- Say, I thought you said your presentation was done.

AMY -- (signals for silence, resumes praying)

LIZ -- Oh, you little sneak! My little Christian friend told her
boss that the presentation was done. But it's not done. And now
she has to pray for forgiveness for lying.

AMY -- (signals for silence, resumes praying)

LIZ -- (paces floor) Alright, alright. But I'm not going to bed
until you admit that you're not the perfect little Christian
everybody thinks you are. Wait til I tell everybody that I found
a chink in the armor of...

AMY -- (signals for silence, resumes praying)

LIZ -- (paces floor) Alright, alright. I'll be quiet. (pause)
Wow! You must have told a whopper! You're praying for a long
time. This keeps getting juicier and juicier!

AMY -- (opens eyes, unfolds hands, stand) Well, good night.
(turns to exit)

LIZ -- (runs into Amy's path) Oh no you don't. I caught little
miss Christian in a lie. Now, I want to hear what you confessed.

AMY -- I wasn't confessing anything. Good night. (tries to exit)

LIZ -- (steps into Amy's path) Excuse me, but did I just hear
the super-Christian tell another lie?

AMY -- No, you didn't.

LIZ -- Then what were you praying about?

AMY -- You wouldn't understand. (tries to exit)

LIZ -- (steps into Amy's path) Try me.

AMY -- If you must know, I was praying for my boss's salvation.

LIZ -- Nice try.

AMY -- What, you don't believe me?

LIZ -- If somebody woke me up at one o'clock in the morning,
salvation would be the last thing I'd pray for them... Oh,
that's it, isn't it?! You were praying for what-you-call-it --
fire and brimstone to rain down from heaven and utter

AMY -- ...No, that's not what I was praying for. I was praying
for her salvation.

LIZ -- You're not kidding.

AMY -- No, I'm not kidding. So, good night. (tries to exit)

LIZ -- (steps into Amy's path)

AMY -- What is it now?!

LIZ -- Of all the things you could pray for that jerk, why pray
for her salvation?

AMY -- Well, there's a little bit of selfishness in it.

LIZ -- Ah ha! I knew it.

AMY -- I was going to pray for peace of mind for my boss. But I
know that there is no true peace of mind outside of a
relationship with Jesus.

LIZ -- Yes, there is!

AMY -- What about you? It's a work day tomorrow. Why are YOU
still up at one o'clock in the morning?

LIZ -- (holds up book) I was reading.

AMY -- You already read that book two weeks ago.

LIZ -- It was the only book I could find.

AMY -- In other words, you couldn't sleep either.

LIZ -- (turns to exit) I'm sorry I asked. Go to bed.

AMY -- (steps into Liz's path) Don't you want to know what else
I was praying for?

LIZ -- I'm not sure I want to hear this. (tries to exit)

AMY -- (steps into Liz's path) But you asked me what I was
praying for. I haven't answered your question yet.

LIZ -- I already know the answer. You were praying for my
salvation too. You don't have to do that, you know.

AMY -- Oh, I know I don't HAVE to. But I want to, because
there's no real peace of mind without Jesus.

LIZ -- How do you know I don't have peace of mind?

AMY -- Because you are afraid to be alone and quiet with your
own thoughts.

LIZ -- You don't know that.

AMY -- Why do you have to play loud music and read or watch TV
until you fall asleep of exhaustion?

LIZ -- Everybody does that.

AMY -- I don't. What would happen if you didn't fill your mind
with noise and sleazy romance novels?

LIZ -- (long pause) Alright, I'll admit it. I need the noise to
keep the creepy thoughts from creeping into my head. If I stay
up until I drop from exhaustion, I don't have to deal with all
those... those memories. How do YOU get by...?

AMY -- I confess my regrets and my bad memories to the only
person in the entire universe who can forgive them and protect
me from them.

LIZ -- You sleep like a baby every night, don't you?

AMY -- Like a baby. It's the peace that surpasses all

LIZ -- So, you were praying for that peace for your boss, so she
wouldn't call you at one o'clock in the morning.

AMY -- And I was also praying for peace for YOU.

LIZ -- For me.

AMY -- For you. You'd like a little peace of mind, wouldn't you?

LIZ -- Me? Ah, oh, ah,... (exiting) Let me sleep on it.

AMY -- (exiting) If only you could.

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