OFFER    4'2m0f Salvation: grace vs works

BOSS -- (a Mafia boss, enters wearing business suit, dragging
Vinn by elbow, guides him to front lip of stage)

VINN -- (a low-life, enters wearing Aloha shirt, mouth taped,
bound heavily with ropes down to knees, walks with tiny steps or
hops, protests in moans)

BOSS -- (looks over edge of stage) There you go Vinnie.

Beautiful view, ain't it? (motions toward area in front of

VINN -- (looks over edge of stage, protests in moans)

BOSS -- Oh, I'm sorry, Vinnie, how rude of me. (rips tape from
mouth harshly)

VINN -- (screams in pain) Boss, please don't do this!

BOSS -- Don't do what, Vinnie? I brought you up here to enjoy
the view. You know, according to the blue prints, this building
is 122 feet high.

VINN -- Please, Boss, I know what this is about. And... And I...

BOSS -- Oh? What's this all about, Vinnie?

VINN -- This is about the money that was missing from last
month's delivery.

BOSS -- Is that so? Say, Vinnie, did you know that an object
dropping at the acceleration of gravity would be traveling at
over 100 miles per hour when it....

VINN -- ...Please, Boss. Don't do this. I don't steal no more.

I've changed. I'm a Christian now.

BOSS -- As luck would have it, Vinnie, so am I.

VINN -- You are?

BOSS -- Yes.

VINN -- You're a Christian?

BOSS -- Yes.

VINN -- Listen, Boss, I hope you won't think I'm trying to tell
you how to run your business, but Christians usually don't push
people off of tall buildings.

BOSS -- Okay.

VINN -- Okay? What does that mean?

BOSS -- It means I want you to see this experience as an object
lesson, Vinnie, my boy.

VINN -- An object lesson.

BOSS -- Yes.

VINN -- You mean you're going to teach me a lesson? (looks over

BOSS -- Yes. But not like you think.

VINN -- How then?

BOSS -- Here's the lesson, Vinnie, by boy. The wages of sin is

VINN -- Listen, Boss, I told you. I'm a Christian now. I'm a
changed man. I don't steal no more. I even paid back everything
I skimmed.

BOSS -- I know.

VINN -- You know?

BOSS -- Yeah, I know. I waited for you to finish paying back
what you owed me before I brought you up here, so you wouldn't
misconstrue my intentions.

VINN -- (looks dreadfully over edge) I think I know your
intentions, Boss.

BOSS -- I don't think you do, Vinnie.

VINN -- I don't?

BOSS -- No. This is not about pay-back for stealing from me,
this is all about your boasting.

VINN -- My boasting? You mean like bragging?

BOSS -- Yeah, like that.

VINN -- I didn't boast about stealing from you, Boss. I didn't
tell nobody.

BOSS -- No, but you been boasting about how smart you was and
how brave you was to become a Christian.

VINN -- Well, I am pretty proud that I done the right thing,

BOSS -- Yeah, but the Bible says that you're nothing but grass
that withers and dies. Near as I can tell, according to the
Bible even the best of us is selfish and evil and incapable of
choosing God.

VINN -- That's what it says?

BOSS -- Something like that.

VINN -- Then how come I chose Jesus.

BOSS -- That's what I been trying to tell you. You didn't choose
him. He chose you.

VINN -- How did he choose me?

BOSS -- He did just what I done.

VINN -- What's that?

BOSS -- He took you up on the roof top and made you an offer you
could not refuse. Faced with the choice of having eternal life
or being a grease spot on the sidewalk, even a hairball like you
would choose the right thing.

VINN -- Oh, yeah, I guess you're right, Boss. It wasn't much of
a choice was it?

BOSS -- So, you learned your lesson then?

VINN -- Yeah. Sure, Boss. No more boasting. Eternal life is a
gift from God. I didn't do nothing to earn it.

BOSS -- (exiting) Good. I knew you'd see it my way.

VINN -- (looking over edge of stage) Does that mean you're not
going to... (sees Boss exiting) Oh, I guess not. (follows
hopping) Hey, listen, Boss, I wonder if you could maybe...

Boss!? I need a little help here.

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