MURDER2  2'?m3f The sixth commandment: Do not murder

(musical cue: snare drum plays a slow marching rhythm)

AMY -- (enters with hands tied behind back or with heavy chains
dragging, marches half-heartedly to drum beat)

LIZ -- (follows marching half-heartedly to drum beat, reading
scroll) Amy Johnson, you have been caught by your mother leaving
your house without permission when you should have been doing
your homework. You will now face the firing squad. Would you 
like one last cigarette before your sentence is carried out?

AMY -- (now at far end of stage, turns with military about-face) 
No thank you, I don't smoke.

LIZ -- Very well, then, we shall proceed with the execution.
(ties blindfold on Amy) Do you have any last words before the
sentence is carried out? (backs away and Upstage)

AMY -- I would apologize, but it doesn't matter what I say now.
Let's get this over with.

LIZ -- Very well.

(music cue: snare drum plays high speed constant patter)

LIZ -- (shouts) Firing squad ready...

MOM -- (enters wiping hands on apron)

LIZ -- Aim... Fire!

AMY -- (reacts with a jerk, a moan, a groan, a twitch or a
scream with each insult from Mom, body contorts as if being hit
by bullets)

MOM -- You are a lazy... good for nothing.... shiftless... 
lazy.... worthless... arrogant... silly... irresponsible... 
stupid... little twit! You're just like your father... You'll 
never amount to anything... I'm sorry I gave birth to you... 
You're not really a Christian...

AMY -- (groans, falls to knees, collapses)

MOM -- (approaching) Oh, I'm sorry. What have I done?! I didn't
mean that. I was angry. I didn't know what I was saying. She's
alright, isn't she? She's not dead is she?

LIZ -- (removes blindfold, helps Amy up) She survived, but she's
severely wounded. (exiting) I don't think she'll ever recover.

MOM -- (follows) I'm sorry. I had no idea my words were so

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