MISTAKE  3'?m1f Monologue: Salvation, cults, deity of Jesus

Do you know what a rubber-neck is? It's a person who goes out
of his way to get more information about something that is none
of his business. One place you find a lot of rubber-necks is
auto accidents. Another place is structure fires.

A few days ago, I was shoulder to shoulder with a whole crowd of
other rubber-necks outside of an apartment building that was
fully engulfed in flames. We were standing behind one of those
yellow plastic tapes that says, "Police line. Do not cross." But
none of us was very anxious to get much closer. When a gas line
burst, the heat from the fire was so intense that it made us all
take a step or two backward.

Just then a screaming woman came up behind us and broke through
the crowd. When she tried to duck under the yellow tape, two
policemen stepped into her path.

"My baby is in there!" she screamed.

One of the policemen assured her that they had personally
evacuated all the residents. But she was not comforted at all.

"You don't understand!" she said, "I left my baby asleep in her
crib. There was nobody to answer the door!"

"Oh, no! What apartment was she in?!"

"Apartment 212."

A fireman overheard the exchange, he grabbed a fire blanket and
ran into the burning building without hesitating.

"She's in the back bedroom!" the mother shouted. "Hurry!"

A few seconds later, the fireman came running out of the
building with both arms wrapped around a wadded blanket. "I've
got her!" Said the fireman. "I've got your baby!"

"Oh, thank you! Thank you!" the mother cried as she unwrapped
the wad of blanket that protected her precious little baby, as
shouts of joy arose from the noisey crowd around me. But the
crowd was quickly silenced when the mother screamed again.

"This is not my baby! This is a baby doll!" Right at that moment
the entire building collapsed.


The fireman, in the smokey confusion of the fire had mistaken a
baby doll for the real thing. A case of mistaken identity cost
that baby her only chance at survival. But noone blamed the
fireman. He had risked his life in a sincere effort to save the

But the incident gave me pause to think about how brief and
unpredictable life can be. What if my religion looks like the
real thing, but when I get it out into the light I find out that
it's just a convincing looking imitation? The result could be

But how could I know for sure? I decided that since all
religions claim to follow the Bible, I would use the Bible as 
the standard for truth. So, I started reading my Bible. And I 
noticed that in several places, the Bible says that Jesus was 
the creator of the universe.

But how could that be? My religion said that Jesus was an angel,
a created being. How could Jesus be both creator and created at
the same time?

Sure enough, just like the fireman in the smokey room, I had
confused the real thing with a convincing looking imitation. I
had been fooled. But unlike that little baby, the mistake didn't
cost me my life. I was able to discover and correct my mistake
before it was too late.

Don't be fooled by a convincing looking imitation. Read your 

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