MISSION2 3'?m2f Giving to Missions: travel without leaving home

AMY -- (enters writing in a check book)

LIZ -- (follows) Say, while you're writing checks, I could use a
few extra bucks.

AMY -- (offers two checks) Here, hold these, will you?
(continues writing)

LIZ -- (takes checks) Sure. Say, you made a mistake.

AMY -- (writing) I did?

LIZ -- Yes. You wrote both of these checks to the same payee.

AMY -- (writing) That's no mistake. I did that on purpose.
(tears out check, offers check)

LIZ -- (takes check) Hey. This check has the same payee as the 
other two.

AMY -- (writing) That's right. So does this one.

LIZ -- Your writing all these checks to the same payee on

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You'd better watch out. The men in the white coats are 
going to put you in a padded cell.

AMY -- You think I'm crazy?

LIZ -- Why are you writing four checks to the same payee?

AMY -- Five.

LIZ -- Five?!

AMY -- Yes. This is how I get around.

LIZ -- Have you been getting enough sleep?

AMY -- I'm not crazy. I just love to travel.

LIZ -- Alright! That's it. I'm removing all the sharp objects
from your room until you get help.

AMY -- You don't get it, do you?

LIZ -- Obviously not.

AMY -- (tears check, offers it) Who is the payee on all those

LIZ -- (reads) They're payable to the church. So?

AMY -- Now, look at the notation in the lower left hand corner.

LIZ -- (pages) This one says Brazil. This one says Zambia. This
one says India. They're all different countries.

AMY -- Like I said. I love to travel.

LIZ -- These checks aren't big enough to buy you a taxi ride to
the airport, let alone a plane ticket to Tanza... Tanza...

AMY -- Tanzania. That's in Africa. I've never been on a safari.

LIZ -- You're not well. Why don't you take a few aspirins and
lie down.

AMY -- You don't have to worry about me. I'm as sane as you are.

LIZ -- Then explain to me how a check for twenty dollars is
going to get you to Tanza... Tanza....

AMY -- Tanzania. I love to travel, but right now I have too many
commitments at home and too little money to travel, so I send my
money all over the world by sponsoring missionaries who go 

LIZ -- Oh! Missionaries! Oh, I get it! These checks are for 
missionaries! You're donating to the mission fund!

AMY -- Exactly.

LIZ -- Say, you got any money left over?

AMY -- A little. Why? Do you need a loan?

LIZ -- No. I always wanted to go to Malaysia.

AMY -- (snatches checks, exits) Send your own money to Malaysia!

LIZ -- (follows) You travelers are sure a snooty bunch!
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