MINISTRY 5'?m5f Ministry, preparation for your life purpose

LIZ -- (enters, speaks to audience while crossing to opposite
exit) When I first became a believer I was on fire. I was sure
the Lord had a great and powerful ministry picked out for me,
one that used my strengths and minimized my weaknesses. Then
came a steady stream of distractions... like this one. (points)

AMY -- (enters opposite) Hey, Liz, are you going to the training
meeting tonight?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- Because it's a meeting about teaching Sunday School.

AMY -- So?

LIZ -- So, I'm very sure that teaching Sunday School is not what
the Lord has in mind for my life ministry.

AMY -- But they need help in the classrooms.

LIZ -- I know, but, if I get involved with teaching Sunday
School, I might miss the call for my life ministry.

AMY -- It's not like it's forty hours a week.

LIZ -- I know. But I have to keep my priorities straight. I've
got to keep myself available.

AMY -- (passes by, exiting) Okay. Suit yourself.

LIZ -- (to audience) I guess if I could characterize my life in
one word, I'd have to use the word FOCUS. I've decided to focus
my life on the one great and powerful life ministry the Lord has
prepared for me. And I have to make myself available when
opportunity knocks.

PAT -- (enters opposite carrying slip of paper) Say, Elizabeth,
I notice your name is not on the sign up sheet.

LIZ -- You mean for the rescue mission?

PAT -- Yes, there's a big need downtown.

LIZ -- Yes, I know, but if I'm peeling potatoes or wiping
tables, I won't be available when the Lord presents me with my
life ministry.

PAT -- Everybody who goes on this trip says they are really

LIZ -- Yes, I've heard that too. But I've got to stay focused on
the Lord's ultimate purpose for my life.

PAT -- (passes by, exiting) Okay. Suit yourself.

LIZ -- (to audience) Staying focused is just like athletics. The
more you exercise a muscle, the stronger it gets. The more I
focused on my goal, the easier it became to let lesser
opportunities drop by the wayside.

SAL -- (enters opposite) Hey, Liz, am I going to see you at the
meeting tonight?

LIZ -- No, thanks, I don't think short term foreign mission
trips are where the Lord wants me to spend my resources.

SAL -- Are you sure this is not about sleeping on bare floors
and putting up with bugs and spiders?

LIZ -- Well, that's part of it. But I only have limited
resources. I'm saving my time and my money to serve the Lord on
a really special ministry that was created just for me.

SAL -- (passes by, exiting) Okay. Suit yourself.

LIZ -- (to audience) You would not believe the number of
ministry opportunities I had to give up before my special
ministry finally showed up.

ANN -- (enters opposite, carrying a resume') Elizabeth?

LIZ -- (approaches) Yes? I'm Elizabeth. Is this about the new
ministry opportunity?

ANN -- Yes. We received your resume. (scans paper) But, frankly,
I don't think you have enough experience for this project.

LIZ -- But this is a brand new ministry! Nobody has experience
in this ministry! It never existed before. I think the Lord
designed this ministry just for me.

ANN -- Well, perhaps he did. But I don't see any of the required
training in your resume.

LIZ -- What training?

ANN -- Well, for instance, this ministry would require you to
work with people.

LIZ -- I'm good with people.

ANN -- I'm sure you are. But dealing with these people will
require a large measure of patience, kindness, and gentleness.
These are skills you only get from teaching Sunday School.

LIZ -- Oh.

ANN -- Yes. And some of the work in this ministry is quite
tedious and mundane.

LIZ -- I can handle that.

ANN -- Yes, but there is no assurance of this in your resume.
You don't list any experience with menial tasks, like working on
a food line in a rescue mission.

LIZ -- Oh.

ANN -- Since this ministry is brand new, you will also be
required to improvise.

LIZ -- Improvise?

ANN -- Yes, you'll have to make due with limited resources.

LIZ -- Well, I'm very industrious.

ANN -- I'm sure. But your resume shows no foreign mission trips.
In fact, your resume contains no evidence that you're interested
in serving the Lord at all.

LIZ -- Oh.

ANN -- I'm sorry. But...

LIZ -- ...You don't understand. This is the one great and
powerful ministry that I have been focusing my entire life on.

ANN -- Well, then, you're focus has been misdirected. Your
resume is missing the important skills and attitudes that you
can only get by serving the Lord in ministry. I'm sorry. (turns,

LIZ -- (turns, crosses, to audience) That was the day I realized
that FOCUS does not mean EXCLUDING ministry opportunities. It
means asking the question, "What skills can this ministry
develop in me that will make me more useful to the Lord?"

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