LOST     4'?m2f Salvation, sin, missing the mark, being good

AMY -- (enters studying a scrap of paper, looking alternately
side to side) Okay, now, it says here that we turn left at the
next intersection.

LIZ -- (follows) Why don't you just admit that you're lost?

AMY -- (stops, turns) How can you say that? I followed all the
instructions except one. (turns, points) So, I'm sure that if we
just turn left at the next intersection... (turns)

LIZ -- (removes one shoe, wiggles toes) My feet are killing me.
We've been at this for almost an hour. Are you sure... (stands
at attention) Wait a minute.

AMY -- (turns) What's the matter?

LIZ -- What you just said...

AMY -- What did I just say?

LIZ -- You said you followed all the instructions but one.

AMY -- To the letter. (offers paper) You can check for yourself.
See? (points to paper) Left on Elm. Right on second street...

LIZ -- You said you followed all the instructions but one.

AMY -- To the letter. Didn't I just say that?

LIZ -- So, which instruction did you ignore?

AMY -- The third one. (points) This one. It told us to walk
diagonally through the park.

LIZ -- But we didn't walk through the park.

AMY -- That's what I said. But we followed every other
instruction to the letter.

LIZ -- Now you're making me mad.

AMY -- Mad? What do you have to be mad about?

LIZ -- We passed by the park an hour ago.

AMY -- That's right.

LIZ -- But we didn't pass THROUGH the park.

AMY -- That's what I just said.

LIZ -- If we would have passed THROUGH the park, we would have
come out on Maple street.

AMY -- Well, I know that!

LIZ -- Instead we ended up at fourth street.

AMY -- And after that, we followed the instructions to the

LIZ -- Yes, but after that we were two blocks off and going in
the wrong direction.

AMY -- Yes, but we followed all the other instructions to the

LIZ -- Why are you doing this? You're not this dense. Don't you
see that following all the other instructions to the letter does
you no good if you ignore just one of them?

AMY -- (smiles, turns away)

LIZ -- You did this deliberately! You got us lost deliberately!

AMY -- (not turning) But it was just one little instruction.

LIZ -- Why, you little... You got us lost on purpose, just to
prove your point.

AMY -- Point? What point?

LIZ -- You know very well that this whole last hour was an
object lesson about salvation.

AMY -- An object lesson, you say?

LIZ -- Yes, it was. And if my feet weren't so sore, I'd kick you
around the block.

AMY -- What exactly was the object lesson?

LIZ -- Now you're going to add insult to injury and make me eat
crow, aren't you?

AMY -- Well, did you learn anything about salvation during the
last hour?

LIZ -- (sighs) Yes.

AMY -- Would you like to talk about it?

LIZ -- You're really getting a kick out of this, aren't you?

AMY -- It was rather clever, I thought.

LIZ -- Alright. I was wrong.

AMY -- (turns) Wrong? About what, pray tell?

LIZ -- It only took one wrong turn to get us hopelessly lost.

AMY -- You mean, following the other instructions to the letter
didn't help?

LIZ -- No. We're just as lost as we would be if we had ignored
ALL of the instructions. Being obedient MOST of the time doesn't
count in getting where you want to go.

AMY -- Do you think it's any different trying to get to Heaven?

LIZ -- Not if Heaven is perfect, like you said it is. One
mistake and you're hopelessly lost forever.

AMY -- So, NEARLY perfect won't do?

LIZ -- Alright! I'll come to church with you tomorrow! And I'll
admit that I need help getting to Heaven.

AMY -- Good for you.

LIZ -- Now, will you please get us to where we want to go?

AMY -- (turns) Actually, we're almost there. It's one block back
this way. (exits)

LIZ -- (follows, hopping putting shoe back on) You mean you knew
right where it was all along?! Wait till I get my hands on you!

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