LIMITED  5'?m2f Salvation: Eternal life for a limited time?

LIZ -- (enters, walks deliberately to edge of stage, looks over
edge with dread)

AMY -- (enters opposite) That's a long way down.

LIZ -- (startled) Huh?

AMY -- Fourteen floors. Long way down.

LIZ -- Yes, I... (looks down in dread) I guess it is.

AMY -- You thinking of jumping?

LIZ -- Huh? Me? Ah... No, I'm just... enjoying the view.

AMY -- That's a parking lot down there. And that's a land-fill
over there. (points) Not much of a view. You were thinking of

LIZ -- How would you know?

AMY -- Because I came up here a half hour ago intending to jump

LIZ -- You did?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- But you didn't jump.

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- Are you trying to muster up some courage?

AMY -- No. I've decided not to jump.

LIZ -- If you don't mind my asking, why were you going to jump?

AMY -- Because I couldn't measure up to my religion.

LIZ -- Small world.

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- What church do you go to?

AMY -- I WAS going to the church across the street. (points over

LIZ -- Me too. It's the one true religion, you know.

AMY -- So they keep saying.

LIZ -- You don't think so?

AMY -- After thinking about it for a half hour, I'm beginning to
think it's just another false religion, like all the other false
religions I've tried.

LIZ -- It's not a false religion.

AMY -- If you think about their teachings, they're as
self-refuting as all the other religions I've tried.

LIZ -- What religions have you tried?

AMY -- Well, Atheism, Agnosticism....

LIZ -- Ag... what?

AMY -- Agnosticism. Atheism believes there are no gods.
Agnosticism says you can't possibly know if there is a god or
not. It's as self-refuting as Hinduism, which says you can't 
possibly know the truth.

LIZ -- Well, maybe you can't know the truth.

AMY -- But it's a self-refuting statement, because if you can't
know truth, how do you know if this statement itself is true?

LIZ -- Oh, yeah.

AMY -- The same is true for agnosticism. How do we know it's
impossible to know about God? Did God come and tell us it was

LIZ -- How do you know so much about religions?

AMY -- I told you, I tried them all.

LIZ -- You did?

AMY -- Yeah. I started out as an atheist. But the more
scientific discoveries they made, the more evidence there was
that the universe had a beginning. And, if it had a beginning,
then it had to have a beginner. So, since I couldn't deny God
anymore, I tried hiding from him in all those non-religions like
agnosticism and Hinduism. But when I saw they refuted
themselves, I tried hiding from God by calling myself a
"seeker". That's how I ended up in your church.

LIZ -- But you think it's a false religion.

AMY -- It's self-refuting, just like agnosticism and Hinduism.

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- They say they believe in Jesus.

LIZ -- Yes, we do.

AMY -- Why? What did Jesus do for you?

LIZ -- He died for my sins.

AMY -- But your church says you have to live a sinless life and
follow all their rules in order to stay saved.

LIZ -- Well, yes. That's why I decided to end it all. I can't
lead a sinless life. It's hopeless.

AMY -- My point is, if you have the ability to live a sinless
life and follow all the rules, what do you need Jesus for?

LIZ -- Well, we need Jesus for.... Wait a minute. You're
confusing me. Let's see. Jesus died for all the sins I committed
before I was saved. After I'm saved it's up to me.

AMY -- Or you lose your salvation.

LIZ -- Well, sure.

AMY -- In other words, God's plan for your salvation was to pay
for your sins only up until the moment you were saved. Then,
once you put your trust in Jesus, BOOM, you're on your own.
Jesus ignores you. That's a great way to reward a person's

LIZ -- Oh, I hadn't thought about it like that.

AMY -- So, for the guy who breaks one of the rules one minute 
after being saved, his eternal life is not eternal. It only 
lasts for one minute. 

LIZ -- Oh. 

AMY -- How long ago did Jesus die?

LIZ -- About 2000 years ago.

AMY -- And how many of your sins had you already committed when
he died for your sins?

LIZ -- None. I wasn't even born then.

AMY -- So, Jesus knew he was giving his life as payment for only
part of your sins.

LIZ -- I guess so.

AMY -- So, when Jesus said on the cross, "Paid in full," He was
just kidding. Right?

LIZ -- Oh, when you put it like that, I guess....

AMY -- Like I said, self-refuting. See ya. (turns to exit)

LIZ -- Where are you going?

AMY -- (exiting) I'm a "seeker". I'm going to seek a church
that isn't self-refuting.

LIZ -- (follows) Hey, would you mind if I come with you?
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