LIGHT    5'?m2f Salvation, evangelism, witnessing, light

LIZ -- (enters briskly, begins crossing)

(lights out)

LIZ -- Oh, oh, a power failure. I can't see a thing in here.
(shouts) Does anybody have a flash light? Hello? (to self) I'd
better try to find my way back to the door. (begins crossing
back to exit arms forward, shouts) Is anybody in the building?
Hello? (to self) Well, I guess I'm on my own.

(light dim up quickly as Amy enters)

AMY -- (enters) Hello, there, my name is...

LIZ -- ....How did you do that?

AMY -- Do what?

LIZ -- When you came into the room, the lights came on.

AMY -- They did?

LIZ -- Yes. How did you do that?

AMY -- I'm still not sure what you're talking about.

LIZ -- (points to exit) Go back outside.

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- I said, go back outside. I want to see how you did that.

AMY -- I'm still not sure....

LIZ -- Please, just try it for me.

AMY -- Are you supposed to be taking some kind of medication?

LIZ -- I'm not crazy. Please, just go back outside and come
right back in. For me.

AMY -- Well, okay. (exits)

(lights out)

AMY -- (reenters)

(light up)

AMY -- Well, how did I do?

LIZ -- You didn't see it?

AMY -- See what?

LIZ -- When you left the room, it got dark in here.

AMY -- It did?

LIZ -- Yes, and when you came back in, it got light in here.

AMY -- No kidding.

LIZ -- No kidding.

AMY -- And you're sure you're not on any medication?

LIZ -- I know you think I'm crazy. But I'm telling you it
happened just the way I said. (exiting) You stay here and tell
me what happens to the lights when I leave the room. (exits,
reenters) Well?

AMY -- Well what?

LIZ -- You mean it didn't get dark when I left the room?

AMY -- No. Maybe I should offer you a ride back to the hospital.

LIZ -- (angry) I'm telling you, I'm not crazy! When you came
into the room it got light in here!

AMY -- (sigh) Oooooooooh!

LIZ -- Oh? Oh, what?

AMY -- I think I know how that happened.

LIZ -- You do?

AMY -- Yes. You see, I'm a Christian.

LIZ -- You're a Christian.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- And that's supposed to explain something?

AMY -- Oh, I guess not. You should also know that I came here to
tell you about the good news of Jesus.

LIZ -- On the other hand, maybe I AM crazy. Nothing you're
saying makes any sense to me at all.

AMY -- Oh, I'm sorry. That's my fault. I'm assuming that you
know the Bible. You see, the Bible says that Christians are to
be the LIGHT of the world. Wherever Christians go to spread the
good news of Jesus, they illuminate the darkness.

LIZ -- Uh huh.

AMY -- Although, it's not usually this dramatic.

LIZ -- It's isn't?

AMY -- No. The Lord must have wanted to get your attention.

LIZ -- Well, he certainly succeeded. So, tell me the good news
of Jesus.

AMY -- Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead so that
you can have eternal life.

LIZ -- Gee, I don't think I've heard that more than three or
four hundred times. What else you got?

AMY -- That's it. That's all there is. I think the Lord just
wanted me to come here and shine a light on your guilty

LIZ -- My guilty conscience? How did you know I have a guilty
conscience? Have you been reading my mail?

AMY -- Oh, No. Everybody who does not have the light of Jesus
has a guilty conscience. It comes with sin at no extra charge.
Some people try to ignore it. Some try to deny it. Some even try
to explain it away. But the guilty conscience is always there.

LIZ -- But YOU DON'T have a guilty conscience?

AMY -- Not anymore. See, if you're a Christian, you're sins are
all forgiven. And if your sins are all forgiven, there's no

LIZ -- Where were you five years ago?

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- I have been in therapy for five years. I've tried,
hypnosis, I've tried primal scream therapy, I've worked on my
inner child, I've worked on my self-esteem. I've tried
everything except forgiveness. So, how do I get forgiveness?

AMY -- Well, first of all, you have to admit that you're a

LIZ -- That won't be difficult. I can't seem to do anything

AMY -- Next you have to admit that your own best efforts have
fallen short of God's will for your life.

LIZ -- And at great expense, I might add.

AMY -- Finally, you need to ask Jesus to be the Lord of your
life and to forgive all your sins.

LIZ -- Wow, that's a big step! If Jesus is the Lord of my life,
it means I have to give up being in control.

AMY -- It's up to YOU. Noone can make this commitment but you.

LIZ -- (sigh, closes eyes, folds hands) Alright, Lord, I'm
stepping aside and putting you in charge of my life. Forgive my
sins and heal my guilty conscience. (sigh, opens eyes) Wow! I
can feel the weight lifting off my shoulders already! What do I
do now?

AMY -- (points to exit) Come on out to my car. I have a Bible
and some literature for you to help you grow in your walk with
the Lord.

LIZ -- (points to exit) You go first.

AMY -- (exits backward) Aren't you coming?

LIZ -- Yes, I just want to see what happens to the light now.
Well, look at that! It didn't get dark in here. It looks like I
am the light of the world now. (exits)

(lights out)

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