KINGDOM2 7'5m5f A fairy tale allegory of the Easter story

(scene: a throne room, all characters dressed in medieval costumes)

AMY --- (enters with friends, carrying doll) Your dolly is much 
prettier than mine. I could hold her all day.

TAMI -- I'm sorry, it's time for my dolly to take her nap. (takes 

AMY --- Oh, alright.

TAMI -- (cuddles it briefly) Good night, my beautiful baby. 
(lays doll on the throne, pats it, turns her back, strolls away 
speaking softly to friends)

AMY --- (sneaks away from group, picks up doll, sneaks toward 

TAMI -- (turns to throne, shouts) My dolly is gone! (kneels and 
sobs) Somebody took my dolly! 

(other children surround her and softly talk to her about the 
doll's disappearance)

GUARD - (enters, cuts off Amy) Halt! You're under arrest. 
(escorts Amy offstage)

MOM --- (enters opposite with cookie jar, talking quietly to 
other mothers)

BOB --- (follows) Mom, can't I please have another cookie?

MOM --- No, Bobby, it's almost time for lunch. Another cookie 
would spoil your appetite. (puts jar on throne)

BOB --- (turns) Oh, alright.

MOM --- (begins talking to others)

BOB --- (sneaks to jar, looks both ways, opens jar, removes a 
handful of cookies, sneaks to exit, eating a cookie)

MOM --- (turns to throne, notices jar lid is off the jar, picks 
up jar, looks in) Who has been into these cookies? (puts lid 
back on jar, turns to other mothers, speaks softly about the 
theft, pointing and gesturing)

GUARD - Halt! You're under arrest. (escorts Bobby offstage)

AIDE -- (enters, crosses to throne) The king is coming. The king 
is coming. Make way for the King.

(all non-speaking actors enter, stand along the king's path to 
his throne, bow as he passes, all with somber faces)

KING -- (enters, walks slowly to throne, nodding to each person 
who bows, sits on throne, nods to Aide) 

AIDE -- The king is on his throne. Let those having business 
before the king draw near and be heard.

KING -- Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is the Kingdom of 
Perfection, the happiest kingdom on Earth. Why are there no 
smiling faces in my kingdom this morning?

AIDE -- I'm afraid that the news is not good, your majesty. 
(shouts) Bring in the prisoners.

(guards enter with Amy and Bobby in tow)

AMY --- Hi, Daddy.

BOB --- Hi, Dad.

KING -- Children, when I am on the throne, you must call me 
"Your majesty". 

AMY & BOB --- Yes, your majesty. (bow)

KING -- (looks around) Can anyone tell me why my children are 
being held prisoner?

AIDE -- They have broken the laws of the kingdom, your majesty.

KING -- Children, what do you have to say about this?

AMY --- It's no big deal, Daddy.... I mean, Your Majesty.

BOB --- Yeah, Dad, I don't what all the fuss is about.

KING -- We shall see. (to Aide) Read the charges.

AIDE -- (reads from scroll) The princess is charged with 
selfishness and theft.

KING -- This sounds pretty serious to me. Would you care to 

AMY --- My friend wouldn't let me play with her dolly anymore, 
so I took her dolly when she wasn't looking. Is that so bad?

KING -- This kind of selfishness has no place in the Kingdom of 
Perfection. Read the charge against my son.

AIDE -- (reads from scroll) The prince is charged with greed 
and disobedience.

BOB --- He makes it sound like something really serious. But all 
I did was take a bunch of cookies from the cookie jar after Mom 
told me not to. Is that such a big deal, Dad?... I mean, Your 

KING -- Children, do you know the name of this kingdom?

BOB & AMY --- Perfection.

KING -- That's right, The name of this Kingdom is Perfection. 
The reason people move to this kingdom when they could live 
anywhere else in the whole world is because this is the happiest 
kingdom on earth. The reason this kingdom is happy is because 
everything here is perfect. People in this kingdom are kind and 
generous with one another. If they were not, this would not be a 
perfect kingdom, and noone would want to live here. I can't let 
you get away with being selfish in a perfect kingdom.

BOB --- Yeah, but it was just a handful of cookies.

AMY --- It was only a stupid doll, Daddy.... Your majesty.

KING -- Children, even the slightest hint selfishness creates 
unhappiness. And in order to insure that this kingdom remains a 
happy place to live, we can't allow ANY selfishness no matter 
how small it seems to you. (to Aide) What is the penalty for 
this kind of selfishness?

AIDE -- (reads from scroll) The law calls for the selfish people 
to be banished the kingdom forever, your majesty.

ALL --- (gasp)

KING -- Banished from the kingdom?!

AIDE -- That's the way the law reads, your majesty. The wording 
is very clear.

KING -- You mean expel them?! Kick them out?!

AIDE -- Yes, Your Majesty.

KING -- This won't do. This won't do at all. These children are 
the heirs to my throne. They will rule this kingdom some day.

AIDE -- There may be a way out of this predicament, Your 

KING -- Oh? How so?

AIDE -- The Bible says "Folly is bound up in the heart of a 
child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him."

KING -- You mean, a spanking for the prince and princess?

ALL --- (gasp)

AIDE -- That was the solution in ancient times, your majesty. 
That way the price was paid for selfishness, so perfection and 
happiness could be maintained in the Kingdom of Perfection.

KING -- (deep breath) Very well, I hereby pass the sentence of 
spanking for my selfish children.

ALL --- (gasp)

AMY --- Daddy, no!
BOB --- Ah, come on, Dad!

AIDE -- Are you sure this is what you want to do, your majesty?

KING -- I have only two choices in this case. Either the 
children must be banished from the Kingdom of Perfection forever 
for their selfishness or they must be severely punished. I don't 
see any other way to maintain the perfection and happiness of 
the kingdom, do you?

AIDE -- I suppose not, Your Majesty. 

KING -- My queen?

MOM --- As painful as it is to see my children punished, I 
don't see any other way.

KING -- Well then, the penalty for selfishness is spanking and 
the penalty will be carried out immediately.... (removes his 
royal robe, drops it on the throne, removes his crown) ....On 

ALL --- (gasp)

AIDE -- Did you say that YOU will take their punishment, Your 

KING -- (exiting) That's right. I will step down from my throne 
and take the punishment for my children so that they may remain 
in my kingdom forever.

ALL --- (follow King)

AMY --- (exiting tearfully) I'm sorry, Daddy.

AIDE -- (to audience) Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. The King has 
taken the punishment for his children. Let the kingdom rejoice 
and be glad in his sacrifice. (exits)

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