JUSTICE  6'5m?f Lord, why must I wait for justice to be done?

LIZ -- (enters backward, with hands behind back, wearing 
handcuffs, shouts) I'm innocent, I tell you! Innocent! 

(optional sound cue: cell door slamming)

You've got the wrong person! While you're wasting time arresting 
me, the real culprit is getting away! (to self, turning back to 
audience briefly to let them see the handcuffs) Oh, what's the 
use. He's not interested in justice. He just wants to make an 
arrest. Nobody is interested in justice anymore. Nobody. Not 
even God. (kneels with back to exit, looks up) Lord, why are you 
doing this to me? I'm a Christian. I've been a Christian for 
twelve years. I'm being accused of a crime I didn't commit. My 
boss embezzled millions of dollars and framed me for it. But 
nobody will listen to me. Why, Lord, why? Why are you doing this 
to me?

AMY -- (enters wearing white tunic) Stand up.

LIZ -- (gasps) Huh?

AMY -- I said, stand up.

LIZ -- How did you get in here? The cell door is locked.

AMY -- Stand up.

LIZ -- Are you going to get me out of here?

AMY -- Listen, I've got places to go, people to see. Are you 
going to stand up or not?

LIZ -- Oh. Sure. (stands) You going to take my handcuffs off? 
(turns back to Amy) It's like I told the detective, I had 
nothing to do with the embezzlement. I was framed. You'll prove 
that to them, won't you?

AMY -- Actually, no. I won't. (begins measuring Liz's height, 
other body measurements, records them with pen and paper)

LIZ -- You won't?! (turns, spoiling Amy's measurement)

AMY -- No. (walks around behind Liz) The guy your boss embezzled 
from just happens to be the mayor's brother-in-law.

LIZ -- So? (turns, spoiling Amy's measurement)

AMY -- So, (walks around behind Liz) the mayor's wife is not 
going to let him sleep until they nail somebody for the crime. 
And you're the fall guy.

LIZ -- (turns, spoiling Amy's measurement) But I don't have the 
money. My boss has the money. They can't convict me if I don't 
have the money!

AMY -- Your boss cleverly deposited a check with the victim's 
signature and $5000 in cash into your personal bank account. 
(walks around behind Liz) You'll be convicted of the crime and 
you'll spend one year and two months in jail before your boss is 
arrested for a similar scam in Chicago.

LIZ -- (paces) Nobody is interested in justice! Nobody. Not even 
God. (pause) Hey, wait a minute. How do you know all of this?

AMY -- It's my job to know all of this. Hold Still. 
(resumes measuring)

LIZ -- So, I'm going to spend one year and two months in jail 
after I asked the Lord for justice?

AMY -- No, you didn't.

LIZ -- I didn't what?

AMY -- You didn't ask the Lord for justice. You asked him why 
you weren't getting justice. You asked him why he's doing this 
to you. I'm here with your answer.

LIZ -- Oh. You mean if I had asked him for justice, I would have 
gotten justice?

AMY -- I don't know. But that's not what you ask for.

LIZ -- (paces) Rats! I should know better than to pray when I'm 
mad at God! Rats! Why didn't I ask him for justice, instead of 
asking a stupid question?!

AMY -- Hey.

LIZ -- Huh?

AMY -- You want the answer or not? I got places to go, people to 
see. You're not the only Christian on earth, you know.

LIZ -- (gasps) You're an angel!

AMY -- You know, you are really slow on the uptake. I can see 
why your boss chose you as the fall guy.

LIZ -- I'm sorry. I was so upset over this injustice, I...

AMY -- ...Tick tock, Tick tock. You want the answer or not? 

LIZ -- Yes. Yes, of course. I can't believe I'm talking to an 
angel! Of course, I want an answer. (pause) What was the 
question again?

AMY -- Oh, brother. 

LIZ -- Oh, yes, I'm sorry. I'm a little flustered. I've never 
spoken to an angel before. (turns) What are you doing?

AMY -- I'm answering your question. (resumes measuring)

LIZ -- With a tape measure?

AMY -- Yeah. I'm fitting you for a casket.

LIZ -- A what?!

AMY -- A casket. 

LIZ -- A casket is the answer to my question?

AMY -- You do remember the question, don't you?

LIZ -- Yes, I asked why I wasn't getting justice. Why the Lord 
was doing this to me.

AMY -- If the Lord gave you justice, you would be six feet under 
and pushing up daisies.

LIZ -- Oh. I suppose in a way you're right. But I'm a Christian 

AMY -- But you weren't a Christian twelve years ago.

LIZ -- I... I don't follow.

AMY -- Twelve years ago, just before you answered the call of 
Christ, someone in your position asked God for justice (points 
to opposite end of stage)

(optional light cue: lights up near opposite exit)

ROZ -- (kneeling) Lord, I've been falsely accused. Please, Lord, 
please! Let justice reign on earth!

(optional light cue: lights out near opposite exit)

AMY -- The reason the Lord delays justice is so that everyone 
has a chance to be saved. When justice comes to earth, it's 

LIZ -- Oh. If the Lord had brought justice to the earth when 
that person asked for it twelve years ago, I would not have had 
a chance to be saved.

AMY -- You can't have it both ways. Aren't you glad He let 
injustice prevail for just a little longer?

LIZ -- Compared to one year and two months in jail, I guess 
death is pretty strong justice. Tell the Lord I'm sorry for... 
for questioning his sense of justice.

AMY -- You can tell him yourself. It isn't like you've got 
places to go and people to see.

LIZ -- Oh, yeah. I guess you're right. Listen, I know you have a 
lot of other prayers to answer...

AMY -- ...While I'm here, I might as well give you some hope.

LIZ -- Hope? What hope?

AMY -- Just between you and me, it won't be long before Jesus 
comes back and then justice will prevail... (points to Jesus)

(optional light cue: lights up on judge's bench)

JESUS -- (pounds gavel on judge's bench or podium) This court 
will come to order. Bring in the accused.

JAN -- (enters, kneels near podium)

LIZ -- Hey, that's my boss! She's the one who framed me! Why, 
that dirty low down...

AMY -- (grabs Liz's elbow, turns her back) Relax. You can't 
reach her. She's a vision from the future. (exits quietly)  

JAN -- Have mercy, Lord! Have mercy!

JESUS -- I tell you the truth, I never knew you. The sentence is 
DEATH. (pounds gavel)

(optional light cue: lights out on judge's bench)

LIZ -- Justice at last! The crook finally got what she had 
coming! Yes! (dances briefly, then deadpan) I mean. Oh, what a 
shame. Such a nice person. (turns toward angel) Hey, where did 
she go? (exiting) Hey, guard? If I can't get justice, can I get 
a phone call?

(optional light cue: lights out)

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