ISLAM    4'?m2f Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

LIZ -- (enters cautiously, crosses to podium, reacts with alarm
to camera flashes)

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- (from audience or voiceover) Raise your right hand.

LIZ -- (hesitates, raises left, then right hand

AMY -- Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to
give before congress will be the truth, the whole truth and
nothing but the truth?

LIZ -- Of course! Um, Yes, uh, I do. Can you please tell me why
I'm here?

AMY -- Because of your public statements about Islam, Congress
has convened this hearing to determine if Christianity should be 
combined with Islam.

LIZ -- Because of what "I" said?

AMY -- That is correct.

LIZ -- On that radio talk show?

AMY -- That is correct. Are you ready to answer our questions?

LIZ -- Well, I'm not really an expert on....

AMY -- ...Did you or did you not say that Muslims worship the
same God as Christians?

LIZ -- Well, yes. I did.

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- How do you know that?

LIZ -- I thought everybody knew that.

AMY -- We're not interested in what others know. How do YOU know

LIZ -- Well, let's see. Well, Muslims worship one god and
Christians worship one god. Isn't that enough?

AMY -- How do you know they worship the SAME god?

LIZ -- I heard a Muslim athlete say so.

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- And you BELIEVED him?

LIZ -- Well, yes, I suppose so.

AMY -- You SUPPOSE so. On the hearsay of one isolated Muslim?!

LIZ -- No. Wait. I know. Muhammad wrote it in the Quran.

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- It's written in the Quran.

LIZ -- Yes. (smiles, poses for cameras)

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- Can you tell us by what authority Muhammad made this

LIZ -- By what authority?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I don't understand the question.

AMY -- The Bible validated its veracity as the word of God by
successfully predicting future events. And these events were
fulfilled exactly as predicted. Does the Quran contain any such
fulfilled predictions?

LIZ -- Um. No. Muhammad did not predict future events.

AMY -- He didn't?

LIZ -- No.

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- Then did Muhammad perform supernatural feats and miracles
to validate the supernatural origin of his writings?

LIZ -- Um, no.

AMY -- So, there are no miracles listed in the Quran?

LIZ -- No. None.

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- Then why should you expect us to believe anything the
Quran says?

LIZ -- Well, the Quran talks about Abraham as the father of the
Muslims. He's the father of the Jews and the Christians too.
(smiles, poses for cameras)

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- Yes, but the Bible says that Jesus is God and that he
became a man to die for the sins of the people. What does the
Quran say about Jesus?

LIZ -- The quran says that's a lie.

AMY -- A lie?!

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

LIZ -- Yes, the Quran says that Jesus was just one of many
prophets and that he never died for our sins.

AMY -- Are you saying that the Quran denies that Jesus was God?

LIZ -- That's right.

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

AMY -- If the Christians believe that Jesus is God and the
Muslims believe that Jesus is NOT God, how can you say that
Christians and Muslims worship the SAME god?

LIZ -- Oh. I guess I can't. Maybe the Bible is wrong.

AMY -- Did you know that the quran was written more than six
centuries after Jesus ascended into Heaven?

LIZ -- No. I didn't. But what difference does that make?

AMY -- The Bible was written by people who actually knew Jesus.
And it was read by other people who also knew Him and who could
refute it if there were any errors in it. Do you think the Quran
had any validation like that?

LIZ -- I suppose not.

AMY -- Which document is more likely to be wrong about the
nature of God: the Quran, which has NO evidence of supernatural
origin or the Bible which includes supernatural validations from
beginning to end?

(dozens of cameras in audience flash)

LIZ -- (exiting) I'm sorry! I didn't know! It sounded plausible
to me.

AMY -- This hearing is adjourned. (pounds gavel)

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