INDWELL  3'?m2f Baptism and in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit

LIZ -- (enters carrying goldfish in small bowl, shouts) I'm 
home. What's for dinner?

AMY -- (enters opposite) Dinner was two hours ago. Where have 
you been? (points to fish) What's that?

LIZ -- This is Goldie. I won him at the Campus Carnival. Isn't 
he cute?

AMY -- You didn't say anything about going to the Campus 

LIZ -- I'm sorry. I wasn't planning to go. It wasn't my idea. 
But once we were there they kept saying "just one more game, 
just one more game"....

AMY -- (points at fish) That's it! (looks up) Thank you, Lord.

LIZ -- (looks up) What are you thanking Him for? (hugs bowl) 
This is my fish. I won it fair an square. If you want one, you 
can just go over to the Campus Carnival and win your own fish.

AMY -- No, I don't want your fish. (points over shoulder) I was 
just doing my daily quiet time and I asked the Lord to clarify 
something for me. Then, not five minutes later, you walked in 
with a gold fish.

LIZ -- This is your way of reminding me that I haven't done my 
quiet time yet...

AMY -- ...No, this is my answer to prayer. Really.

LIZ -- Alright, what were you praying about?

AMY -- Well, I was reading John 15:5...

LIZ -- ...Hey, I know that one: "If a man remains in me and I in 
him he will bear much fruit."

AMY -- Yeah, that one.

LIZ -- I'm not finished yet, "Apart from me, you can do 
nothing." There, I'm finished. I feel really spiritual now.

AMY -- (sigh) The point I'm trying to make is that "If a man 
remains in me and I in him" got me thinking. It's physically 
impossible for two things to be inside of one another at the 
same time.

LIZ -- So, how does Goldy answer your question?

AMY -- I don't think human beings are smart enough to understand 
spiritual concepts. So, God used the word IN to describe a 
spiritual and emotional closeness that is closer than being next 
to us. But to a gold fish, God would have probably used the word 

LIZ -- Immersed. You mean "If a man remains immersed in me and I 
remain immersed in him." Like that?

AMY -- Yes. Like that.

LIZ -- (examines fish) That is so cool! That explains how I can 
be both IN Him and He IN me at the same time. The fish is in 
water, but the water is also in the fish, flowing through his 

AMY -- That's what I was thinking. But I'm not talking about 
PHYSICAL immersion. And I don't think God is talking about being 
physically inside of us either. I'm talking about emotional and 
spiritual immersion. 

LIZ -- How does that work?

AMY -- That fish is completely surrounded by water. All he 
knows is water. He depends upon the water for his breathing, for 
his swimming, to supply his food, his every need. I think that's 
exactly the way the Lord wants us to be immersed in him. 
Completely dependant.

LIZ -- Now aren't you glad I won this prize at the Campus 

AMY -- (turns to exit) It's a PARTIAL answer to prayer.

LIZ -- (follows) What do you mean, a partial answer?

AMY -- After you eat dinner. YOU can do the dishes.

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