GUILT    6'?m2f Guilt, forgiveness, salvation, mental health

LIZ -- (enters, begins crossing along front lip of stage, holds
out hand, shouts, turns as imaginary taxi goes by) Taxi. Taxi.

AMY -- (enters opposite) Hello Elizabeth.

LIZ -- (turns) Amy. Oh, ah, hi.

AMY -- Can I offer you a ride? My car is right over there.
(points offstage)

LIZ -- Um. No, thanks. I'll just take a cab. (turns, raises

AMY -- It's no trouble at all. I'm just killing time until my
next appointment.

LIZ -- (turns) Um. No, thanks. I'm fine. (turns, raises hand)

AMY -- Elizabeth, is something wrong?

LIZ -- (turns) Wrong? You think something is wrong? No, I'm

AMY -- You seem to be avoiding me.

LIZ -- Not really.

AMY -- You just came out of the Medical Arts Building (points
offstage) Are you sick?

LIZ -- No. Oh, no! I'm not sick. You know me, I've never been
sick a day in my life. (turns, raises hand)

AMY -- Then what were you doing in the Medical Arts Building?

LIZ -- (sighs, turns) Alright. If you must know I was getting a
second opinion.

AMY -- A second opinion.

LIZ -- Alright, if you must know it was a THIRD opinion.

AMY -- A third opinion.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- About what?

LIZ -- Oh, don't worry. I don't have cancer or AIDS or anything.

AMY -- So, it's nothing physical.

LIZ -- No. Oh, no!

AMY -- (pause, tilts head)

LIZ -- Alright, if you must know I was seeing a clinical

AMY -- Uh huh.

LIZ -- Listen, the last thing I need is for all of my friends to
think that I'm a head case. I'm not crazy.

AMY -- Uh huh.

LIZ -- I'm not!

AMY -- Okay.

LIZ -- Alright, if you must know, the reason I'm here is about
this guilt I've been feeling.

AMY -- Guilt?

LIZ -- Yes. The clinical psychologist (points over shoulder)
said that I shouldn't be burdened with guilt over something that
happened in my past. He suggested that I come twice a week for a
year to talk it out.

AMY -- And this was a third opinion?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- What did the other two psychologists say?

LIZ -- Well, well, they all agree that I shouldn't be burdened
with guilt over something that happened in my past. The
Psychiatrist said that I have issues with my mother that
intensified the guilt.

AMY -- So, you also went to a psychiatrist?

LIZ -- To a psychoanalyst too. HE said that I had developmental
trauma that kept me trapped. He said that once I work out where
I was stuck in my development, I would be free to mature

AMY -- I see.

LIZ -- Listen, you're not going to spread this around, are you?

AMY -- Of course not. This is a very personal matter.

LIZ -- Good.

AMY -- But, listen, maybe you need a fourth opinion.

LIZ -- A FOURTH opinion?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- From who?! I've talked to every branch of the mental
health field!

AMY -- Yes, but have you talked to your pastor about this?

LIZ -- My pastor?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- I don't have a pastor.

AMY -- That's too bad.

LIZ -- Why? What could a pastor tell me about mental health?

AMY -- Perhaps the reason you FEEL guilty is because you ARE

LIZ -- Wow! I never thought of that! The mental health
professionals all said that I SHOULDN'T feel guilty.

AMY -- You shouldn't.

LIZ -- You're not making any sense. You just said that the
reason I FEEL guilty is because I AM guilty.

AMY -- That's right.

LIZ -- Then, I don't see any way around this. See, if the
problem is my mother's influence, all I have to do is remove my
mother's influence. If the problem is arrested development, all
I have to do to deal with the guilt is remove the blockage to my
development. But if my problem is that my guilt is real with no
outside causes, how can I deal with it?

AMY -- Forgiveness.

LIZ -- Forgiveness?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- How many months does it take to go through that process?

AMY -- No months. The process is instantaneous.

LIZ -- Pardon me for saying so, but this sounds too simple. It's
too good to be true.

AMY -- Actually, the word I use is MIRACULOUS.

LIZ -- Oh, this is a god thing.

AMY -- Elizabeth, the guilt your feeling is an offense against
God. You can go through months and years of therapy and still
not address the root cause of your guilt.

LIZ -- So, you're saying that if I get God's forgiveness, the
guilt will go away instantly?

AMY -- Well, yes. But it's not quite that simple. That's why you
should talk to a pastor. In addition to offending God, you
jammed up your life with excuses and rationalizations for your

LIZ -- You're telling me?!

AMY -- A pastor can help you unwind the tangle that you created
to cope with your guilt. But forgiveness for the guilt that
comes from offending God is instantaneous.

LIZ -- How can it be that easy?

AMY -- Confession.

LIZ -- Confession?

AMY -- Yes, tell God what you did and that you know that it's
wrong and that you're sorry that you did it. And, if you're
really sincere in your confession, God has promised that he will
forgive you.

LIZ -- No kidding.

AMY -- No kidding.

LIZ -- There's got to be a catch.

AMY -- A catch?

LIZ -- Yes. A catch.

AMY -- You're right. There is a catch.

LIZ -- I knew it!

AMY -- Confession only works if you trust Jesus to pay for ALL
your guilt.

LIZ -- Oh, I can do that! In fact, I've been meaning to do that!

AMY -- Good. Let's hop in my car and I'll introduce you to my
pastor. (exits)

LIZ -- (follows) I wonder if those mental health professionals
will refund my money.

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