GOSSIP2  3'?m4f Gossip, prayer, using God's name in vane

LIZ -- (enters with Peg) Wasn't this a great workshop?

PEG -- Best one I've ever been to.

LIZ -- I really like the format of this workshop. I've never
gotten to know so many people so well and so fast.

AMY -- (follows with Sue) I know. I think it was a good idea to
pair us up with so many different people.

SUE -- I agree. I didn't know anyone here. I was kind of
apprehensive about going to a workshop with strangers.

LIZ -- Well, before we go our separate ways, would you mind if
we pray?

PEG -- (pause, looks at others) Oh, ah, sure.

AMY -- Okay.

SUE -- Yeah. I'd like that.

(all form semicircle facing audience, hold hands, bow heads)

LIZ -- Lord God Almighty, we praise you for this very successful
and useful workshop. And we thank you for the new friends we've
made. Lord, I ask for your healing and mercy on Peggy, who
recently fell off the wagon and started drinking again.

PEG -- (bursts into tears, exits) I asked her not to tell

LIZ -- Lord, I pray also for Amy who went off of her diet
recently and who ate a half gallon of Ben and Jerry's chocolate
fudge moca ice cream.

AMY -- (bursts into tears, exits) I told her that in confidence.

LIZ -- Finally, Lord, I pray for self-control for Sue, who had
her credit card confiscated after her shopping spree.

SUE -- (gasps)

LIZ -- Well, Lord thanks again for a great workshop. And bless
these women as they return home. (lifts head, looks left and
right) Isn't anybody going to say AMEN?

SUE -- I think one of us would have said AMEN, if what you were
doing was praying.

LIZ -- I WAS praying!

SUE -- No. What you were doing was breaking two of the ten

LIZ -- What two commandments?!

SUE -- First of all, you were not praying, you were gossiping in
the name of the Lord. That's using the Lord's name in vane.

LIZ -- Gossiping?!

SUE -- All of us told you our secrets in private supposing that
you would keep them private. But you dangled our secrets in
front of everyone without any remorse for hurting our feelings.

LIZ -- I was praying for healing and mercy.

SUE -- You were gossiping using spiritual sounding language.

LIZ -- How is that the breaking of a commandment?

SUE -- Gossip is character assassination. It's a kind of
spiritual murder. And you were doing it using God's name as a
disguise so noone could fault you for it. (exiting) I'm just
sorry that spiritual murder doesn't carry a prison sentence.

LIZ -- Well! I never! You try to point out people's flaws and
what thanks do you get?! (exits)

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