GOSPEL   4'?m2f Salvation: sin and forgiveness

LIZ -- (enters carrying small fish bowl with goldfish)

AMY -- (follows) Hey, where are you going with my gold fish?

LIZ -- This is MY fish. And I was just going to change his water 
and clean his bowl.

AMY -- Can't it wait? I was using him.

LIZ -- Using him?

AMY -- For my quiet time, my Bible reading.

LIZ -- You're not well, are you?

AMY -- I was doing my quiet time and I was trying to imagine 
what human beings must look like from God's point of view.

LIZ -- And you were doing that by studying my fish?

AMY -- Well, yes.

LIZ -- Am I going to have to remove sharp objects from your 

AMY -- No. Imagine that you're God and the fish bowl is the 
world and the fish is mankind.

LIZ -- Have you been under a lot of stress lately?

AMY -- No, be serious for a minute. Try to imagine thousands of 
years ago, right after God made the fish bowl,... 

LIZ -- ...Then he created the first fish. I'm with you so far.

AMY -- Yes, but he originally created the fish to live forever. 
God could look into the universe and see what the fish needed and 
he gave it to him. He provided for his every need.

LIZ -- (gazes into fish bowl) I suppose the fish could see God 

AMY -- Sure, the Bible says they even talked to each other. But 
the fish had no idea of all the details that God attended to. He 
had no idea that God had intricately designed a furnace with a 
thermostat to keep the air and water at the precise temperature. 
And God designed a lamp that would give the fish light every day 
without fail.

LIZ -- Oh, I see where you're going with this. Let's see, God 
skimmed off the junk that was floating on the top of the water. 
He changed the water when it got all that yucky stuff floating 
in it. He dropped some fish food on top of the water every day, 
but not too much to make the water all milky and stuff.

AMY -- But then the fish, being completely unaware of how much 
intelligence and hard work it took to be God, decided that he 
would be God and make his own decisions.

LIZ -- This is really getting good. What happens next?

AMY -- Well,... pretend your God. What would you do to a fish 
that didn't appreciate all you had done for him?

LIZ -- I'd... put him in a dark room and turn off the heat. I'd 
quit cleaning his bowl and not feed him every day.

AMY -- And now a fish, who was designed to live forever, was now 
having to find his own food...

LIZ -- ...and make his own heat by building fires with his 
little fishy hands.

AMY -- (clears throat) 

LIZ -- Alright, I'm being silly. What happens next?

AMY -- Because he's in the dark, our little friend there...

LIZ -- ...he wouldn't even be able see all the yucky stuff 
floating in the water. Yuk!

AMY -- Would he live forever?

LIZ -- No. He would die from choking on his own guck.

AMY -- But, you are a loving God. You'd become a fish and give
light to your little friend.

LIZ -- Oh, yeah, that way he'd see all the junk floating in the 
water and that would make him want to clean up his act.

AMY -- But he'd see that there is no way a fish can clean up his 
own bowl. It was never meant to been cleaned by a fish alone.

LIZ -- Oh, yeah.

AMY -- And the fish looks at this strange new fish that was now 
swimming with him and get's a glimpse of God is like.

LIZ -- I like this. What happens next?

AMY -- Now pretend you're a fish. What do you do?

LIZ -- I tell God that trying to be my own God is not as easy as 
I thought. I'd tell him that I want to go back to the way it was 
at the beginning. I'll just be a fish and you be my God.

AMY -- Okay, now pretend you're God again. Once the fish sees 
the error of his ways....

LIZ -- ...I change to water in his bowl, so he can see me -- God 
-- more clearly. 

AMY -- Exactly.

LIZ -- (continues on to opposite exit) Which is what I was going 
to do before I was so rudely interrupted.

AMY -- So, how do you like the gospel according to the gold 

LIZ -- Good. I've decide not to have you committed to a mental 
institution after all. (exits)

AMY -- (exits) Now I know the true meaning of grace.

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