GIVING   5'?m2f Discipleship, giving, stewardship

AMY -- (enters carrying carton, crosses to C, turns to see if
Liz is following, crosses to far end of stage, stacks carton
atop several other identical cartons)

LIZ -- (follows creeping, hides before Amy turns, approaches Amy
after she stacks carton) I knew it!

AMY -- (gasps) Oh, you startled me!

LIZ -- You must have a guilty conscience.

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- Where did you get all those boxes?

AMY -- You know where I got them. I got them from work.

LIZ -- Ahah!

AMY -- What is that supposed to mean?

LIZ -- You know what I mean! You're a Christian! You're supposed
to act like a Christian.

AMY -- And how is a Christian supposed to act?

LIZ -- Don't act so innocent! I've seen you walk out of the
office with a different box every day. Do you deny it?

AMY -- No, I don't deny it. Why can't I walk out of the office
with a different box every day?

LIZ -- We work for a package delivery company. Our customers
give us their packages trusting that we'll deliver them to the
addressee on the label.

AMY -- Yes, that's true. But...

LIZ -- ...But you are treating the packages as if they were
yours to do with as you wish.

AMY -- I think you may have misconstrued my intensions.

LIZ -- I'm sure.

AMY -- (points to stack of cartons) Look at the shipping labels.

LIZ -- (approaches boxes, reads two or three labels) Wait a
minute. These shipping labels are all blank.

AMY -- Yes. They are.

LIZ -- What's in them?

AMY -- Nothing.

LIZ -- Don't hand me that!

AMY -- (removes pink receipt from pocket) Okay, then I'll hand
you this. (offers receipt)

LIZ -- (take receipt) What's this?

AMY -- Read it.

LIZ -- It's a receipt.

AMY -- For what?

LIZ -- It says it's for six shipping cartons.

AMY -- And how many cartons do you see?

LIZ -- Six.

AMY -- Well, that's it then.

LIZ -- Wait a minute! You're not going to get by that easy!
What's in the boxes?

AMY -- Nothing. They're empty.

LIZ -- Don't hand me that! If they were empty, they would still
be folded flat.

AMY -- Look for yourself.

LIZ -- (opens two boxes) Well, I'll be.... They're empty!

AMY -- I thought I just said that.

LIZ -- You're up to something! I know it!

AMY -- How can you say that?

LIZ -- You could have brought home all six boxes in one trip if
they were all folded up.

AMY -- Yes, I could.

LIZ -- But you unfolded the boxes and carried them home one at a

AMY -- That's right.

LIZ -- Empty boxes.

AMY -- That's right.

LIZ -- You're up to something. What are you up to?

AMY -- What do you think I'm up to?

LIZ -- Well, I THOUGHT you were keeping some of the packages you 
were entrusted to deliver.

AMY -- Bravo!

LIZ -- I think you've snapped a twig.

AMY -- Not quite. I did all this to get your attention.

LIZ -- You stole merchandise to get my attention?!

AMY -- No. As a matter of fact, In order to get your attention,
I went to great lengths to LOOK like I was keeping some of the
packages I was entrusted to deliver.

LIZ -- You're not well. Why don't you lie down?

AMY -- You still don't get it, do you?

LIZ -- Get what?

AMY -- Have you ever thought about why God didn't take you up to
Heaven with Him the moment you were saved?

LIZ -- No, I guess I haven't. But, what does that have to do
with stolen shipments?

AMY -- YOU are the one who has been stealing shipments.

LIZ -- ME? How did "I" suddenly come under suspicion when YOU
are the one who has been acting strangely all week?

AMY -- You came under suspicion when you walked out of church
before the end of the sermon.

LIZ -- So, all week you've been taunting me with these empty
boxes just to punish me for leaving church before the end of the

AMY -- What was the pastor preaching about?

LIZ -- Well, the pastor was talking about GIVING. As soon as he
starts talking about GIVING, I know he just wants to get his
hands on my money.

AMY -- Whose money?

LIZ -- Are you saying my money doesn't belong to me?

AMY -- Have you ever seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul trailer?

LIZ -- (chuckles) No.

AMY -- If you can't take it with you, does it really belong to

LIZ -- So, what's this (points to boxes) all about? I suppose
you want to get me to tithe or something.

AMY -- I'm trying to get you to look at money and giving in a
different way. The Lord has given you a job that pays you more
money than you need to live on. He trusted you to deliver his
money to the addressee, but you bring it home and stack it up
and treat it as if it belongs to you.

LIZ -- Oh, I never thought about it like that before. So, who is
the addressee? The church? The pastor?

AMY -- Just like MY cartons, the label is blank. YOU get to
decide who gets God's money. The important thing for you to
remember is that it's not YOUR money.

LIZ -- I'm just in charge of delivery.

AMY -- That's the way I see it.

LIZ -- See ya. (turns to exit)

AMY -- Where are you going?

LIZ -- (turns) I have to pray about who God's money should be
delivered to.

AMY -- (removes carton from stack, follows) Here, take this with

LIZ -- (takes carton) What do I need with an empty box?

AMY -- Keep it as a constant reminder that the reason God didn't 
take you to Heaven after your conversion was because he wanted 
to put you in charge of his deliveries.

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