FREEGIFT 4'?m2f Salvation by grace vs works, legalism, sabbath

AMY -- (enters, begins crossing)

LIZ -- (follows carrying gift with large colorful bow) Amy.

AMY -- (stops turns) Huh? Oh, hi Liz. What you got there?

LIZ -- It's for you. Happy birthday.

AMY -- Oh, wow! I've been so busy lately I forgot today is my
birthday! (takes box) Oh, look! It's just what I wanted! It's
the exact model and everything!

LIZ -- I know. I asked around.

AMY -- (digs in pocket, pulls out money, offers it) Here, let me 
pay you for it.

LIZ -- Pay me for it?!

AMY -- Yes. Here.

LIZ -- No. It's a gift.

AMY -- I know and it's just what I wanted. Here, take the money.
Twenty bucks should cover the cost.

LIZ -- You can't be serious.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- Well, it's a gift! You don't pay someone when they give
you a gift.

AMY -- You're trying to pay for your gift. Why shouldn't I?

LIZ -- No, I didn't!

AMY -- Yes, you did.

LIZ -- I never in my life offered to pay someone when they gave
me a gift!

AMY -- Sure you did.

LIZ -- When?

AMY -- Jesus gave you the gift of salvation last year. And this
year, you're acting as if you have to pay him for the gift.

LIZ -- Oh. You're talking about my new church.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Well, just because YOU don't keep the sabbath and the
dietary laws doesn't mean I shouldn't.

AMY -- What would happen if you ate pork or worshipped on

LIZ -- I would never do that!

AMY -- But what if you did?

LIZ -- I would lose my salvation.

AMY -- So, you think that salvation was NOT a gift of God as the
Bible says.

LIZ -- Well, yes. I suppose it is a gift. But....

AMY -- But you think you've got to pay for the gift by keeping
the law.

LIZ -- Yes. No. Yes.

AMY -- Which is it?

LIZ -- I don't know. All I know is that my church says people
who don't keep the sabbath and the dietary laws are lost.

AMY -- Even though Jesus gave them the gift of salvation.

LIZ -- Yes. I think.

AMY -- How did you feel just now when I offered to pay for the
gift you gave me?

LIZ -- I was insulted!

AMY -- Don't you think that God is insulted when you try to pay 
for salvation by keeping the law?

LIZ -- It's not the same thing.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- Well, God commanded his people to keep the sabbath and
the dietary laws.

AMY -- Wrong.

LIZ -- Wrong?!

AMY -- God commanded the JEWS to keep the sabbath and the
dietary laws. Neither Jesus nor his disciples commanded the
Sabbath in the New Testament.

LIZ -- They didn't? Well, I'm sure they did. Didn't they?

AMY -- Let's assume for the sake of argument I'm misinterpreting 
the Bible and that we ARE required to keep those laws. Then, not 
keeping those laws would be a sin, right?

LIZ -- That's what I've been trying to tell you!

AMY -- So, when Christ died for your sins, how many of your sins
did he die for?

LIZ -- All of them. But...

AMY -- But, when the Book of Hebrews says Christ died once for
all, the author made a mistake. What he SHOULD have said is
"Christ died once for all sins.... except for the sins of the 
Sabbath and the dietary laws."

LIZ -- Well, you can't just violate the sabbath!

AMY -- Let's say for the sake of argument that my interpretation
of the Bible is correct, that the sabbath day was meant to be
merely a foreshadow of rest in Christ. If we continue to worship
the sabbath DAY instead of the sabbath PERSON,...

LIZ -- We don't WORSHIP the sabbath! Wait. You don't think I'm
guilty of idolatry, do you?

AMY -- If you trust the sabbath to save you instead of Jesus, 
what do you think?

LIZ -- It looks like it's one or the other doesn't it?

AMY -- That's the way it looks to me. (offers money) Are you 
sure you won't take payment for your gift?

LIZ -- (exiting) Don't be insulting! It's not a gift if you have 
to pay for it. I'll see you in church on Sunday.

AMY -- (follows) Sunday?!

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