FORGIVE2 5'?m2f Forgiveness vs justice/consequences

(scene: a living room)

(sound cue: telephone rings)

LIZ -- (enters hurriedly) I'll get it.

AMY -- (from offstage) I got it.

LIZ -- (sits, picks up paper or magazine, browses) If it's
David, I don't want to talk to him. Tell him I still haven't
forgiven him.

AMY -- (pauses, enters with cordless phone to ear, strolls) So,
this is no joke. Yes, I... Yes, I believe you. I can hear it in
your voice. (pause) Oh, wow. It's been... It's been five years
since it happened. Believe it or not, I've been praying for you.

LIZ -- (puts down magazine, whispers) Who is it?!

AMY -- (silences Liz, speaks into phone) Yes, I do. I've been
praying about my attitude. The Bible commands it. I never
thought I could say this, but... yes, I do forgive you. I do. I
really do. I forgive you.

LIZ -- (whispers) Forgive who?

AMY -- (silences Liz) So, where are you now? Are you back in the
country? You are. Are you calling from here in the city? You
are. Where are you? (pause) No. It's not necessary to meet you
in order to forgive you.

LIZ -- Who in the world are you talking to?

AMY -- (silences Liz) Yes, that's right. The Bible teaches that
you should pay restitution. But that won't be necessary. My
mother remarried and we're all doing quite well financially now.
But, tell me, are you planning on turning yourself in to the
police? Yes, it does take a lot of courage. In fact, it took a
great deal of courage to call me and ask my forgiveness. (pause)
Yeah, well, thanks for calling. You've helped me to close out a
very unpleasant phase of my life. Yeah, I'll be praying for you.
I really mean that. Goodbye. (clicks phone off)

LIZ -- Don't tell me that was the guy who murdered your Father!

AMY -- Not a guy. It was a woman.

LIZ -- A woman?!

AMY -- Yeah, she was on drugs at the time. She says she was
completely out of control. She needed money for drugs and my Dad
just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

LIZ -- And she called YOU to ask for your forgiveness?

AMY -- Yes. She's been living as a fugitive for five years.

LIZ -- Why the change of heart?

AMY -- She became a Christian just a year ago. She's been clean
and sober ever since.  And she felt compelled to make amends
with all the people she hurt while she was on drugs.

LIZ -- I can't believe you forgave her after she murdered your

AMY -- I didn't forgive her for her sake. I forgave her for my
sake. My bitterness has been eating me up inside. It cost me my
relationship with half of my family.

LIZ -- So, you just forgave her?!

AMY -- Yes. Yes, I did.

LIZ -- Because she's a Christian now?

AMY -- Oh, I think I would have forgiven her even if she wasn't
a Christian. (dials phone)

LIZ -- Who are you calling.

AMY -- The police.

LIZ -- Why? I thought you forgave her.

AMY -- (to phone) Hi. Yes. Inspector Hollas, please.

LIZ -- You haven't really forgiven her, have you?

AMY -- Yes. Yes, I have. I have no animosity toward her at all.

LIZ -- But your going to throw her in jail?

AMY -- (to phone) Yes, Inspector Hollas, this is Amy Logan. You
remember the Harry Logan murder? Yes. The perpetrator called me
from the Royal Palms Motel. It's a woman. Her name is Sarah
Hathaway. No, she's not expecting you. She still hasn't worked
up the courage to turn herself in. No. She's not dangerous at
all. She's a Christian now. I'm sure she won't give you any
trouble. Yeah. Sure. Goodbye.

LIZ -- I don't get it. You forgave her. But you're going to
throw her in jail?

AMY -- I'M not going to throw her in jail. The government is
going to throw her in jail. God instituted government to pursue
his justice on earth. My forgiveness of her cancels her debt to
me. But she still has to face the natural consequences for her

LIZ -- Well, I suppose you're right. But, aren't you a little
embarrassed? I mean, she just poured her heart out to you and
offered to make amends, didn't she?

AMY -- Well, I feel badly for her. I might even testify on her
behalf at the trial. I can tell from the tone of her voice that
she really loves the Lord. She's no longer a threat to anyone.
But, as a Christian, I have been given two separate and equally
important rules: the first is to forgive others as God forgave
me and the second is to obey the laws of the government. My
forgiveness of her does not remove the natural consequences of
her actions. Only God can do that. (dials phone)

LIZ -- Oh, I suppose you're right.

AMY -- (to phone, exiting) Hey, Sis, you'll never guess who just
called me. She called you too? Did you forgive her? You did?
Good. Yeah, me too.

LIZ -- (follows) If David calls, tell him I forgive him for
forgetting my birthday. (to self) It's the least I can do.

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