FORGIVE  4'2m0f "I forgive you" does not mean "I trust you"

(Both men speak with Brooklyn accents, dress in suits, fedoras)

LEN -- (enters running, carrying briefcase, turns walks
backward, looking desperate)

DON -- (enters opposite) Lenny, baby.

LEN -- (freezes, gasps, turns) Boss!

DON -- You don't look happy to see me, Lenny.

LEN -- (backing away slowly) Look, Boss, I can explain.

DON -- (follows) What is there to explain Lenny? Everything is
alright, isn't it?

LEN -- (stops) Ah... Yeah. Ah... Everything is fine. Why?

DON -- What's in the briefcase?

LEN -- Briefcase? What briefcase?

DON -- The briefcase in your hand.

LEN -- Oh, this? This briefcase here?

DON -- Yeah, that briefcase there. What's in it?

LEN -- Ah... Oh, ah. Gee, you know, I have no idea. See this
isn't my briefcase. I was just holding it for a friend.

DON -- Lenny, (points to forehead) look at my forehead. Do I
have the word STUPID tattooed here?

LEN -- (sinks to knees, slides briefcase toward Don) Here's your
money. Please don't kill me. I'm begging you, Boss. Please don't
kill me. (kisses Don's hand)

DON -- (pulls hand away) Alright.

LEN -- Alright?

DON -- Yeah.

LEN -- Boss, can we clarify your terms a little? When you say
ALRIGHT, does that mean "alright, you'll take back the money" or
"alright, you won't kill me"?

DON -- Both.

LEN -- So, you're NOT going to kill me?

DON -- That's right.

LEN -- Listen, Boss, just to make things crystal clear here,
does that mean you're not going to kill me right away or you're
not going to kill me at all.

DON -- I'm not going to kill you at all.

LEN -- Excuse me for belaboring the point, Boss. But, does that
mean you intend to torture me instead?

DON -- There will be no punishment at all. I forgive you

LEN -- (kissing Don's hand) Oh, thank you, Boss. Thank you,
thank you, thank you.

DON -- (pulls hand away) That's enough with the gratitude

LEN -- (stands) Sorry, Boss, I... I don't know what else to do.
Anybody who steals from you usually ends up swimming with the

DON -- Well, this is your lucky day, Lenny. I have turned over a
new leaf. From now on, I will forgive all who trespass against

LEN -- You're a real manja, Boss, a real humanitarian.

DON -- Thank you, Lenny.

LEN -- You're welcome. Boss. (backs away) Well, I suppose I
should get back to work. (points over shoulder)

DON -- Good. You can start by mopping the floors and cleaning
the toilets.

LEN -- Boss! I don't do that kind of work!

DON -- You do, if you want to work for me.

LEN -- But, I thought you forgave me.

DON -- I did. But do not mistake forgiveness for stupidity.

LEN -- Boss, I never said you was stupid.

DON -- Forgiveness does not mean restoration. When I said I
forgave you unconditionally, I vowed that I will never beat
you up for this offense ever again. I won't even bring it up.

LEN -- Yeah, but...

DON -- It does mean not we go back to business as usual.

LEN -- But, Boss, mopping floors?!

DON -- I would be stupid if I put my trust in someone who has
shown himself to be untrustworthy, would I not?

LEN -- Cleaning toilets? Isn't that a little punitive?

DON -- It's not punitive. It's the only job I have where I know
you won't steal from me.

LEN -- Oh, man!

DON -- Nobody is holding a gun to your head, Lenny. But if you
want to reestablish a working relationship with me, it will have
to be on my terms.

LEN -- (sigh) After word gets out that I stole from you, nobody
else will hire me. (sigh) Alright, where are the mops?

DON -- (exiting, arm around Len's shoulder) Right this way,
Lenny boy.

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